Are Tall People discriminated Against

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Are Tall People Discriminated Against

Why are tall people discriminated against? In this day and age, it’s hard not to feel like you’re being discriminated against whether it’s your age, height, weight, job status and so on. But why does the fact that someone is taller than the average height gives anybody the right to discriminate?

The problem is there are a lot of assumptions about tall people that people make without even realizing that they’re even doing it. It’s so submerged in our conscience that it becomes second nature, but does this make it right.

Many people see a tall person and are quick to judge. Thoughts like, they’ve had it easy their whole life or they’re only in that position of power because they’re tall. This can cause average height people or shorter people to take an instant dislike to that person based on their height, which is discrimination.

So in a very simple answer yes, tall people are discriminated against because of there height, but there is much more to it and it should not be brushed off as if it’s nothing.

Discrimination is a complex issue that I don’t think humans will ever work out, but we can all afford to learn about each other and hopefully reduce the amount of depression and suicide as a result of discrimination.

Workplace DiscriminationDay to day struggles Tall People

The workplace is where most people spend the majority of there time and often, it’s the place where discrimination is at its peak. No matter who you are you’ve most likely you’ve felt discriminated against at the workplace, whether it’s your height, gender, or even religion. Discrimination has no boundaries.

While there are clearly advantages to being a tall person, but at the workplace, the extra height can come with a lot of issues. Nothing is designed for how tall you are and a simple doorway is your natural enemy.

Safety Hazards

A lot of buildings are designed with the average person in mind and when you’re well above average the simplest tasks are difficult ie: doorways. You have to duck through every doorway and the moment you forget you hit your head.

Fans and low ceilings can be a tall person’s nightmare. As many office spaces are in highrises, the ceilings can be quite low in some. So ceiling fans pose a real threat to the tall worker. In some cases, the popcorn ceiling can also pose a threat to a tall person’s head. This stuff is hard and damaging if you graze the top of your head on it.

Extra Height= Greater Salary= Discrimination

I did mention above that there is a lot of animosity against tall people which is only made worse when shorter folks read the statistics that show that someone who is taller will earn more per year than someone shorter.

This has lead to people believe that tall people have it easier in the workplace and think they only made it to the top because of there height. This causes discrimination in the workplace and no matter how hard that person worked, it’s not enough.

Furniture Discriminates Against Height

If you have a desk job and you’re of average height then you’ve most likely never experienced the amount of pain this can cause a tall person. Having long legs not fitting under the desks and being all cramped up can cause major health issues and has lead to some people not getting a job because of their height.

This is a critical factor in the workplace for tall people as nothing is designed for their height when working in a communal office. They’re always hunched over or cramped up and there’s no money in the budget for a tall version office desk or an office chair suitable for tall people.

I’m not saying that tall people have it the worst in the workplace but trying to inform that it isn’t always smooth sailing being tall. We all have our own challenges and ones might not be as bad as another but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.

Everyday Discrimination

How’s the weather up there? do you play in the NBA? How tall are you exactly? While these questions may seem harmless, they are a form of everyday tall person insults. At times it can feel like an overweight person being asked how much they weigh. These are personal issues to many people, yet others don’t realize that they are actually a form of discrimination.

Have you ever gone clothes shopping and there’s a shirt or pants you really like but they don’t have your size? Imagine this every time you go shopping and it’s not limited to one item of clothing it’s everything.

No articles of clothing fit you and you need to go to a specialty store where everything is baggy. I don’t blame manufacturers for not specializing in clothes for tall people as there’s more money to be made targeting the average people. But come on, would it be too difficult to add one line of extended length trouser to your catalog?

Even Cars Discriminate Against Tall People

Finding a car to drive shouldn’t be an issue for most people, but it’s a long and arduous task for tall people. Finding a car that will fit you can be extremely difficult and end up costing you more in the long run.

As you’re forced to buy a much bigger car since the average car doesn’t fit you. But not just this, you’re limited to how many car models you can actually choose between. Very few cars suit a tall person. This is like the clothing issues, but a lot more expensive.

It Costs More To Be Tall

The cost of living for tall people is more expensive compared to the average person. Being tall requires the body to use more fuel which in turn means you need more fuel. So grocery shopping can get extremely expensive compared to the average person.

Just about any product a tall person needs is more expensive. Take treadmills for a tall person for example. Because our inseams are longer and are strides are bigger, we need a treadmill with a longer deck. This longer deck adds more to the cost of a treadmill making it more expensive for a tall person to even workout from home.

Whereas a short person can get away with a treadmill with a deck that is 20 inches shorter. Now go and compare the prices between treadmills with 40-inch decks with the extra-long 60 inch decks us taller people need. Yea, there’s a price difference!

First Class Is A Must!

Traveling on a plane isn’t enjoyable for almost anyone out there as there crowded, everyone’s tired from traveling, and it seems like all human decency leaves the earth.

Now imagine sitting in one of those plane seats except your 6’6″ and you can’t fit at all and everyone looks at you like you’re in the way even tho that’s how you were born. Even once you’re seated, the simplest task of finding a travel pillow for a tall person is almost impossible. Who specializes in a travel pillow for the small percentage of us with taller necks!

You’ll see the pattern that is emerging in the way that tall people are discriminated against with most of it not necessarily by other people.

A lot of it is that most corporations don’t design things for you so you’re at a disadvantage when you try and do the most basic things. You can’t even use the sink at home without being hunched over and causing some back issues.

Are Tall Women Discriminated AgainstAre Tall Women Discriminated Against

Being a tall woman comes with a lot of issues that a lot of us couldn’t even begin to understand. It’s much harder to be a tall female than it is a tall male with so much being put on them because of their height. Just because something is a positive stereotype doesn’t mean it’s not harmful. Such as Asian people being good at math which is a positive yet harmful stereotype.

If you’re a tall girl than most likely you’ve had the experience of being picked first for whatever sport you’re doing. Then you go out and play and it turns out you’re not LeBron James and people give you looks of why not. This is what I mean with a positive harmful stereotype as they just assumed you’re a natural athlete because of your height.

The Tall Dating Life Discrimination Exposed

Tall woman dating is a trauma in and around itself with a lot of guys prefer shorter women. This puts you at a massive disadvantage when it comes to the dating scene as many tall women don’t think they are datable.

Eventually, you might find someone who doesn’t care how tall you are, but until then dating is a horrible prospect all because you’re taller than the other girls around you.



Tall Women Have It HardTall Dating Life Discrimination

While finding clothes is difficult for tall people, in general, this is made even hard if you’re a woman. Trying to find a pair of shoes or a dress is a difficult prospect with your options being severally limited.

How about over the knee boots for tall women where they don’t actually come up to your knees due to your long legs. While men say they love long legs, unfortunately, clothing doesn’t always agree.

Most of the time you’re forced to shop online which means you don’t get to try until you’ve already spent your hard-earned. Then you have the hassle of returning the clothing if it doesn’t fit, all problems that could be avoided if there were more stores involved with supporting taller people.

Positive Stereotyping Is Discrimination

People make a lot of assumptions about you before even getting to know you which is always going to happen. A tall man will get the basketball question and being a tall woman you’ll get are you a model which does sound flattering until you realize it’s only because of your height they assume this.

There’s a lot of positive stereotyping for a tall woman which can get very tiring after the hundredth time you’ve heard the same comment. This type of thing can really affect a tall woman’s confidence and can hurt them in the long run so I ask the next time you see a tall woman doesn’t ask those questions or try and sneak in a selfie with a tall person. It may seem funny at the time, but believe me, it can have long term consequences.

Height Is Just A Number

When the statistics came out showing that an extra inch in height can lead to an extra $800 per year, it had a much larger effect then I think first intended. This caused a lot of animosities that tall people don’t deserve.

Just because they were born tall isn’t the only reason that these people are getting paid more and there’s a lot of work going on that you might not see. Sure height does have its positives in the world of business, but just because someone is tall, does not mean they didn’t work their tails off to get there.

So maybe next time don’t talk behind this persons back thinking they don’t deserve it. There’s a good chance you don’t see the work they put in. I won’t say this is the case for everyone but it’s something you should consider before having a go at someone working as hard as you.

Discrimination Is NOT Ok

At the end of the day, discrimination is never ok. While some people are not aware of height discrimination, its a very real thing and one that everyone should be made aware of. Teasing someone or being jealous of someone over how tall they are is not the right approach.

We all need to accept our bodies for what they are. There’s nothing we can do about it, so why dwell on the subject. You are beautiful no matter how tall or short you are.


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