Statistics About Tall People You Need To Know

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Statistics About Being Tall

Regardless of your height, its always interesting to learn some facts and statistics about tall people. While we can be butt the butt of many tall jokes and made to feel ‘smaller’, in all reality us tall people really do have it all.

So if you are tall and you want to arm yourself with a little bit of general knowledge about the tall person, this is the right page for you. Within the perimeters of your screen you will soon learn as to why tall people are more successful, richer, stronger and make the best celebrities.

But first, in order to calculate as to whether you’re tall enough to keep reading on, you need to first work out what your height is in comparison to the national average height. Keep in mind that the the tall population only accounts for about 5% of the worlds population. So its natural to feel a little ganged up on here.

Average Height Male And Female In USA

Finding out the average height is quite a difficult task to achieve, there are a lot of people in the USA. Getting an accurate reading is difficult, but we are able to get a rough idea, of what the average height of a woman, and man, is in the USA thanks to Wiki.

The good news for most Americans is that our height is about the same as most countries, except a few of our Scandinavian friends. With the average height of an American male be 5’9, which is roughly 175cms tall.

American woman come in with a national average of 5’4 (162cm) tall. The interesting thing is that woman have had there average height increase from the 1960s, which was 5’3.

How Many People Are 7 Foot Or Taller?How Many People Are 7 foot Tall

Being 7 foot tall is a mythical dream that so few ever reach, and it’s almost the equivalent of winning the lottery. With roughly 7.25 billion people on earth, the odds of being over 7 foot is approximately 0.000038%. So if you are somehow over this, you’ve won!

What this translates to is that roughly 2755 people in the world are taller than 7 foot. Quite a small percentile in all reality.


The Tallest Person EVER

As people we love to see what the the biggest, smallest, largest, and in this case tallest person who ever lived was. There is something about it that we as people seem to love about such things, so I’ll go over who the top 4 tallest men are and then the tallest woman to have graced this planet!

  1. There’s a good chance you’ve seen this man, as he is the tallest person ever record. We are talking about Robert Wadlow, who was an incredible 8ft 11.1 inches tall.
  2. Coming in at number 2 is Johan Rogan with an amazing 8ft 9 inches tall. Sadly suffered from Ankylosis and was unable to stand or walk. Ankylosis is when the bones fuse together as a result of stiffening and immobilization of the joints. Not ideal when you’re the second most tallest person in the world.
  3. Here we have the tallest soldier to ever serve with the Finish giant Väinö Myllyrinne. He was 8ft 3 inches tall and became a professional wrestler in the 1930s.
  4. Number 4 is the current tallest alive person who is Sultan Kösen, with a confirmed height of 8ft 2.8 inches tall.
  5. While there a few more taller males, I really wanted the tallest confirmed woman on this list. Which is Chinese giant Zeng Jinlian, who is 8ft 1.75 inches tall. Now that is quite significantly taller than the national female average height.

Tallest Nation On AverageFacts About Tall People

The tallest nation on earth is a title I bet a lot of different nations would love to have. But sadly there can be only one winner in this competition. Which is the Netherlands, who just 100 years ago weren’t the title holders. Just goes to show you never know who you’ll grow to be!

With the average height of a Dutch male being 183cms tall, which is roughly 6ft tall. With the average woman being 170.6cms tall, which makes them about 5ft 6 inches tall. This really is quite remarkable, with no one being 100% sure as to why the Dutch are growing quicker then everyone else. But I have some theories as to why the Dutch people are so tall.


Tall People Are More Successful

Being tall has some advantages and a few disadvantages, bad back anyone? But the advantages to being tall are things that people don’t even realize they have. Success is based on a variety of things, but there are a lot of studies showing that being tall will more than likely increase their odds for success.

People have a tendency to prefer taller people and are more willing to give them a chance. This isn’t always the case of course, with other things being determining factors. But it can’t be denied that tall people have an advantage in success.

Information About Being Tall

For Every Inch You Grow You Can Earn $800 Per Year More!

Believe it or not there is a correlation between being tall, and earning more financially then someone who is shorter. With some studies showing that being just an extra inch, can earn you up to $800 a year more. Which is by far no small amount, that adds up over the course of your working career.

A big part of this is due to the way the human brain works. In a primitive way the human brain assumes height and power are the same thing. While this isn’t important anymore, it’s still in our brain. Which leads to companies employing, and paying taller people more.

Fact? Tall People Are Stronger

Height and strength are two factors that people hold in high regard, that’s just the way our brain works. This is from years of evolution  being considered as the protector, and providers. Two qualities that people consider to be high priorities.

But are tall people considered stronger? This is a difficult question to answer, since there are a few things that can effect the results. In general tall people are stronger, since they have a heavier bone mass. This makes them stronger in a simple way of putting it.

Having longer limbs is also an advantage to being tall and stronger. You’re able to get leverage easier then it comes to lifting heavier weights. Being able to lift heavier weights does allow you to increase muscles size, which makes you stronger.

This is apart of the reason that some of the worlds strongest men are 6 foot and above. With every ones favorite man mountain Hafþór Björnsson (known as the Mountain from GoT) is a staggering 6’9.

So height can play a serious factor in strength. Like most things tho, you will have to work for it. A shorter person who works hard for it, is going to be stronger then a tall person who doesn’t.


Tallest NBA Player EverTallest NBA Players ever

NBA and tall people go hand in hand, and if you’re 7ft or above your odds of being a player go up exponentially.But remember how I told you that the odds of being 7 foot tall are like 0.000038%, probably about the same as making it int he NBA.

Thankfully it still takes a high level of skill to get there, so height alone isn’t enough. But that doesn’t stop there from being some tall people in the NBA, with these being the 4 tallest ever!

  1. Gheorghe Mureșan is the equal leading tallest player to ever play NBA, with a staggering 7ft 7ins tall. He had a varied career playing for the Washington bullets, and the New Jersey Nets. Sadly a career plagued by injuries, with his best season being 95-96.
  2. Equal tallest is someone a lot of people know Manute Bol, who is also 7ft 7ins tall. He played for 4 separate teams being, Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors, Philidelphia 76ers, and Miami Heat. Also the only player in NBA history to have blocked more shots, then he scored.
  3. Shawn Bradley comes in at 3rd with being 7ft 6ins, and played for 3 different teams. Which were the Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Nets, and the Dallas Maverick. Philly used the novelty of a 7’6er player for the 76ers, so they gave him the number 76!
  4. Most people know the number 4, being Yao Ming of China. Yao Ming is 7ft 6ins, and one of the few 7ft plus players who played for just one team over long career. Playing for the Houston Rockets from 2002 – 2011.

Facts On Current Tall NBA Players

The current tallest players who are still playing in the NBA are Boban Marjanović(7ft 2in), and Kristaps Porziņģis(7ft 3ins) of the Dallas Mavericks (2019).

Number Of Tall Famous People


Number Of Tall Famous People

As we mentioned before there is a correlation between being tall and successful. So it should come as no surprise there are quite a few tall celebrities out there. So now it’s time to find out who some of the tallest country musicians, Rock stars, and movie stars are!

Country singers

Country music is full of talented tall musicians, that have long and prosperous careers. With the likes of Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, and Blake Shelton being well over 6 foot tall. With all three of these stars all coming in at 6ft 4in tall. Tho Blake Shelton is unconfirmed.

Does this still hold true for the woman of country music? There are elements to this as well, with the likes of Trisha Yearwood, and Faith Hill. Both are considered tall for woman, with Trisha being 5ft 8in, and Faith being 5ft 9ins tall. So it does seem to hold some truth that country stars are tall!

RockstarsTall Rock Singers

You’d think with all the stories of rock stars partying hard, you’d imagine that they wouldn’t be tall. Just from all the years of craziness. But this isn’t the case, with there being quite a few tall rock stars.

There are a lot of tall rockers out there, with some obvious ones such as the immortal Gene Simmons being 6ft 2ins tall. Then there are people like the Imagine Dragons front man Dan Reynolds who is an impressive 6ft 4ins.

Some of the leading ladies of rock are taller then you’d think. One of the tallest really was surprising with Courtney Love being 5ft 10in. She stands taller then a lot of the female rockers out there.


There is no secret that there are a lot of tall Hollywood actors out there. Tom Cruise being one of the big exceptions to this. With fan favorite Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson being 6ft 4in tall, and not to mention one of the biggest actors out there.

There is a special mention here with Dolph Lundgern, who is 6ft 5in tall. We mention tall and success and Dolph is a great example of this, not only being a revered actor. He also has a masters degree in chemical engineering. You can’t take his hard work from him, but it’s a good example of height and success.

In terms of female actors there are a lot of tall stars. With the obvious Nicole Kidman, who looks tall next to a lot males. She is actually 5ft 10in tall, only to be eclipsed by Geena Davis. Who is 6 foot on the dot, according to her. There more out there, but these are some of the more well known actors.

Is Height Important In Life

Is being tall an advantage or does height have no relevance at all in the lives we live. Honestly, I don’t put too much emphasis on height. Sure there is some proof that being tall has its advantages in certain areas in life, but a lot of it has to do with you. Not your height.

How hard you word, train or exercise will have more of an impact on your life than your height alone. While its good to know some statistics about tall people, if you take no action then expect minimal results.

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