Porch Swings For Tall People

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Best Porch Swings For Tall People

In the market for porch swings for tall people to utilize? Well, you’re in luck, because the following swings all have features suited to the taller person.

The biggest problem people with longer torsos face when using a patio swing is hitting their feet on the ground as they swing. This happens because the seat sits too low to be comfortable.

From the tall person’s knees down, it is longer than the seat height from the floor. When you do the maths, this leaves you with feet dragging along the ground. This is not how a swing is meant to be enjoyed.

The list below contains 5 porch swings with a stand that has higher than regular seat heights. But do note, most seats rather low in general, so these may not seem all that tall, but they are the tallest seat height from the ground that I came across.

Further down the list, you can find the best chain swing for a tall person in which you would hang from a support beam or such. The reason this chain swing is better than most is that it utilizes a deep seat with a tall backrest. For additional patio furniture, visit our guide to the patio chairs for tall people.

Compare Swing Seat Heights & Weight Capacities

Seat Height Capacity Price
21" 750Lbs Check Price Amazon
21" 750Lbs Check Price Amazon
*19" (Without cushion height) 300Lbs Check Price Amazon
19.5" 530Lbs Check Price Amazon
19.3 450Lbs Check Price Amazon
High Back Chain Swing 800Lbs Check Price Amazon


21″ High Seat Porch Swing

High Seat Porch Swing

This 3 seat porch swing by Best Choice Products is a high-quality swing that’s comfortable and durable. There is a lot to like about this porch swing with one of the smallest things being that you can get it in 3 different colors, so there is something to suit most people’s needs.

Best Choice Products did a lot of things right with this swing when they were designing it. The frame is made of tempered steel, which then was given a powder coat to make it not only durable, but help improve its rust resistance.

The Tall Person Features

When it comes to porch swings the seat itself needs to be comfortable otherwise it’s not going to be useful for tall people. To be comfortable for a taller person your seat needs to be deeper to help with the long legs, and this porch swing does that with its seat being 21 inches deep.

The seat at its highest sits around the 21 inch mark, which is also quite nice for the tall person. While ideally, we would want it up near 25 inches, porch swings like that don’t exist to my knowledge.

Suitable For Big And Tall People

Some people can really worry when sitting on a porch swing thinking that they will be too heavy and break it. This is something I can understand and glad to report that this swing has a maximum weight capacity of 750 lbs so this should give you some peace of mind when sitting on this swing.

If there was one downside to this porch swing is that the fabric does struggle with the sun and keeping its color. If you’re going to be keeping it undercover then there won’t be an issue but if it’s going to be in full sun then you will get some fade.

The best way to protect the material is to use a UV and waterproofing spray. It doesn’t cost heaps, yet it is simple to apply and can prolong the life of the material drastically.

Best Choice Products Converting Outdoor Swing Canopy



Tall Outdoor Swing With Canopy

Tall Outdoor Swing With Canopy

Tangkula knows what’s important when it comes to a porch swing and how they need to be extremely weather resistant. The fabric of this swing is made out of a weather-resistant fabric that protects from not only rain but also harsh UV that gives this swing a lot of versatility in where you use it.

Something that can be difficult with these 3 person swings is when you first get them and need to put it together. The instructions that come with this porch swing are easy to follow and make assembling it really easy so you don’t need an engineering degree!

Tall Seat Swing

The seat of this swing is extremely comfortable to sit on and offers a decent amount of legroom. The size of the seat is 21 inches deep and the cushion is 20 inches deep to fit nicely on the seat. The floor to seat measurement is again 21 inches like the above swing, which is enough legroom for taller people.

With this being a 3 person swing you need a good amount of weight capacity to hold those people, which this swing has. It also caters to the heavier people out there with it having a weight capacity of 750 lbs. This is a lot of capacity for 3 average people and a good amount of room for a large person or two.

Converts Into An Outdoor Bed

Just like the above porch swing, this one too converts into an outdoor daybed swing. The backrest folds down to create a flat surface to lounge out on outdoors. The total surface area of the cushions for laying down on comes out to be 120″ x 60″. It is not huge for the tall person to really stretch their legs out, but its enough for what this is, a swing and not actually a bed.

There is a lot to like about this porch swing and adding it to your yard or deck area is an easy recommendation. It’s comfortable, durable, and most importantly it swings really well, making it very relaxing to sit on. So if you’re looking for a new porch swing it’s hard to go past this model.

Tangkula Converting Outdoor Swing


Romantic Patio Swing For Tall People

19″ Seat height Without Seat Cushions

Patio Swing For Tall People

This is one of the most stylish and romantic porch swings for a couple. It’s a cute little swing for the couples that can romantically swing to the beat of their hearts. This eye-appealing style is thanks to its Rattan design, which is a timeless look that never gets old. So if you want to add a touch of style to your porch, it’s hard to go past this impressive swing from Sunnydaze Decor.

The material used on this swing has also had a UV protectant added to it, so it won’t fade and deteriorate in the sun. However, much like a tent material, ongoing maintenance needs to be performed for the best results. Depending on how much sun your swing sees, it could be done every 6 months or at least every 12 months.

If a porch swing isn’t designed to be able to the outdoors then it’s hard to recommend in my opinion. That isn’t the case here since the fabric is made from a polyester which is extremely durable which when combined with the steel frames makes this one tough swing.

Ideal For 2 People, But Not Heavy People

If there is one thing that does hold this swing back is that the weight capacity is on the low side with it being 300 lbs. So if you’re a bigger person then I’d look at one of the other swings on this list and the same goes if you were planning on having your children swing on your lap.

You shouldn’t let the lower weight capacity stop you from considering this chair as it’s very comfortable to sit and relax on. The depth of the seat is 17 inches so it will suit most people except for some of the tallest out there.

The seat height is roughly 19 inches tall from the ground. This is without the addition of any cushions. So if you were to add a couple 3 inch thick cushions, you could generate a 22 inch high swing to sit on and stretch those long legs.

The fact that this swing comes with a drink tray on both ends of the swing is something that I really appreciate. These chairs are meant to be for relaxing so often when relaxing I like to have a beverage with me so having somewhere to sit them is useful. The drink can even stay stable as you swing due to the molded cup holders on the side tables.

Sunnydaze 2-Seater Outdoor Rattan Patio Swing


19.5 “Seat Height Deck Swing

Kozyard Alicia Patio Swing Chair

19.5 "Seat Height Deck Swing

There is something about a simple design that is quite appealing to me, and this porch swing by Kozyard has achieved just this, simple yet appealing. It may have a simple design, but it does stand out thanks to its color variation that can either be blue, red, or lime which is very different from your standard colors.

Moving a swing around the yard, deck, porch, etc can be a tough task with some of these swings weighing a lot. This swing when put together only weighs 39.5 lbs so it’s extremely lightweight which makes it easy to move it when you need to.

For Taller And Slender People

Being a 3 seat porch I was expecting it to have a much higher weight capacity then what it has. It’s not like the 530 lbs weight capacity is bad just a little less then you’d expect for a 3 seater in my opinion.

However, not every tall person is necessarily heavy, so this is the option for them. Plus it can be used by the parents and kids comfortably in this weight range. The lower capacity does mean it is not as heavy-duty, but this is how it achieves its lightweight appeal.

The cushion of this porch swing is surprisingly thin but still offers a good amount of comfort. This is because the cushions are filled with nice cotton that’s comfortable to sit on, but I do admit I personally prefer them to be a little thicker than this. However, it really comes down to how long you intend to sit on the swing.

There Are Some Cons

Sadly it isn’t all positive with this porch swing as it does struggle with the rain and getting wet. It has the tendency to hold the water on the canopy, so it takes quite a while to dry. Because the canopy doesn’t drain the water so well, it makes it hard to recommend this swing if you’re not going to have it undercover.

As a build-up of water on the material could lead to an earlier shelf life as a result of deterioration and mold setting in. If this is a dealbreaker for you then I’d recommend one of the other swings on this list.

Kozyard Alicia Patio Swing Chair


Porch Swing With 19.3″ Seat Height

Porch Swing With 19.3" Seat Height

While black isn’t the best color to be in when your outside it’s hard to pass up that it’s arguably the most stylish color there is. So it comes as no surprise that this porch swing by Yoleny is easily one of the most stylish porch swings on this list. It will just about any decor and look stunning in any yard.

Cleaning a porch swing can be a frustrating task that makes you keep putting it off until it’s too late and your fabric is ruined. Being able to use a garden hose to clean your porch swing makes this a much easier task and being able to remove the canopy makes cleaning it even easier.

Big And Tall, Maybe?

The seat depth is a little on the lower side with it being 17.7 inches deep, so it offers an okay amount of legroom but certainly not ideal for the very tall people. For me, this is the biggest drawback of this porch swing, which is a bit of a big one if you’re really tall so it could be a dealbreaker for you.

However, the height of the seat sits just over 19-inches at 19.3″. Again, not the tallest porch swing on this list, but certainly taller than most on the market.

The weight capacity is a good amount with it being able to handle 450 lbs maximum. This works really well for a three-seater swing and for those who need something stronger for themselves or someone they know. However, its a bit on the shy side for 3 full adults.

If you have a porch swing and are going to put it on some nice timber decking you can be worried that the feet will scratch the floor. Yoleny made the smart choice of including feet pads to help prevent this porch swing from scratching your floors which is something I really like.

YOLENY Outdoor Patio Swing Chair


High Back Porch Swing For Tall Persons

High Back Porch Swing For Tall Persons

One of the biggest issues for tall people and porch swings is getting enough distance off the ground so your legs don’t drag on the floor when swinging. This is where this swing from LuxCraft comes in since you can hang it from the beams in your porch and give yourself more legroom, which is not something tall people hear very often.

However, you can hang just about any chain swing like this at the desired height for a tall person, but what makes this swing by LuxCraft unique, is that it has a rather high back to support the tall persons shoulders and head as they swing.

The high backrest is all because this swing uses the Adirondack chair design, which typically is too low to the ground for tall people to sit in. So by incorporating the Adirondack design into this porch swing is just pure gold for the taller folks.

Extensive Color Range

When it comes to color choice having a few options is always a good thing, and most companies will give you 2 or 3 options. Except for LuxCraft who gives you the choice from 23 different color options, which is extremely impressive and I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find something to suit your needs.

One thing I really like about this swing is that it’s a 3 seater with the option to be a 2 seater and lower the center for a drink tray. This is one of my personal favorite features since it makes relaxing that much more comfortable. A great way for parents to retreat out onto the deck for a sneaky beverage.

Normally this kind of swing would have the big drawback of maintenance and having to stain it or waterproofing it. That’s not the case with this swing as the only maintenance you will need to do is clean it with soap and water.

The low to no maintenance is a result of using recycled plastic in the construction. The heavy-duty plastic is designed to look and feel like real timber but without the maintenance headaches normally associated with timber swings. These hard-wearing plastic resin styles of chairs have grown massively in popularity over the last decade and I don’t see any reason for it to stop.

High Weight Capacity Swing – Big & Tall Certified

There is one thing to note with this porch swing and that’s it’s weight capacity. While the chair itself has an incredible 800 lbs capacity it can be affected by what you have it attached to.

If you have it attached to something that can handle a higher capacity then you’ll be fine but if not you can be in some trouble. so be sure to chain it to a load-bearing support beam or something similar.

LuxCraft Adirondack Porch Swing


Whats The Best Option To Take

Well, there we have it, 6 viable porch swing options for tall people. While most of the standalone swings on the market have relatively low hanging seats, the above 5 options are that slight bit higher off the ground.

While the heights aren’t ideal, its the best option I have come across. Ideally you want to use something like the above Adirondack chair and hang it from the beams of your patio. This way you can adjust the seat height to suit your height perfectly.

However, not everybody has such supportive beams and needs a stand for their swing.

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