Best Shower Heads For Tall People

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Best Shower Heads For Tall People

For too many years I put up with shower heads designed for people under 6 foot tall. Had I known the solution was so simple I would have made the switch to the best shower heads for tall people years ago.

When you are renting you don’t have much of a say, but when it comes to building a new house you can make the switch to a height adjustable shower head in advance.

But if its too late and you already have a low laying shower head installed, fear not because there are options available. This is something you should not put off.

After all, the best time of the day is having a nice warm shower. One in which you don’t have to squat down and put extra pressure on the knees. When you can’t relax and unwind due to a low shower head, the shower becomes more of a burden and this is just plain wrong.

However it’s not easy buying a shower head for a tall person. This is because the shear number of options available. How is one meant to know that it is tall person approved. Not only is there a lot of options available, but there’s also a handful of shower head types. All of which have different assembly requirements.

So to help make things a little easier for you, I have listed what I think are the best shower head options for a tall person under the following 4 types of shower heads:

  1. Simple extra long shower arm extension for increasing the height of the shower head. Great for rain head styles of heads.
  2. Hi Rise shower arm for more traditional shower heads.
  3. Deluxe shower head and body massage ensemble. For people that want more from there showers.
  4. Shower head on an extra long slide bar. One of the longest rails for reaching the greatest of heights.

Extra Long Show Head Extension Arm

Extra Long Show Head Extension Arm

One of the easiest solutions for a tall person is to simply attach a arm extension to your existing shower/tub fittings. Probably one of the longest options out there is the ‘Reach’ by Vida Alegria.

The Reach is a fitting name because its an impressive 18 inches in length. Almost double the standard arm extension lengths. So don’t be alarmed when you get the Reach home and find out how big it is.

While it offers a huge amount of extra height for the tall person, what I really love is that it also extends away from the wall a lot more. This is because of the 18 inch length. So instead of feeling like you’re cramped up against the shower wall, you can take a step back and shower in comfort.

Great For Rain Head Attachments

Many people try to attach a rain head, you know those big usually square shaped shower heads that are meant to resemble the feeling of getting rained on, to a shorter extension arm. This doesn’t work so well because the arm is too close to the wall and the effect is lost.

Which is why I love the ‘Reach’. It gives you the opportunity to stand under a rain head while being a foot or two back from the wall. You don’t feel cramped and best of all you don’t hit your head.

The 18 inch shower arm adjusts up or down and not in sideways motions. So keep that in mind if you need a shower head that needs its positioned altered. There’s also an attachment you can buy for the end to allow you to connect a separate handheld shower hose. Assembly is easy it it uses the standard 1/5 inch fittings to simply attach to your wall outlet valve.

Overall the Reach by Vida Alegria is an especially good shower head for taller people. It’s extra long allowing you to shower in comfort, both away from the wall and away from the top of your head. I like how the arm is slightly curved so that you get a better position for your shower head attachment.

Vida Alegría REACH Solid Brass 18-Inch Shower Head Extension


Simple Tall Persons Shower Head Solution

Tall Persons Shower Head

The above 18 inch extension may be too much for some people, given the size of some showers. So a super easy and simple way to get an extra 10 inches height from your shower head is to attach one of these ‘S’ bend style of shower Hi Rise flange and arm.

You can even attach a further adjustable shower arm and head to the end of this Hi Rise for people that want the rain head design. But for the most part, people are loving it. Finally a shower head designed for tall people is the common theme.

Best of all, it’s not a huge investment either and will easily be in your top 10 purchases of all time. Especially if you have never experienced a shower as an adult without having to bend your neck or squad down.

While the arm is actually 10 inches, you loose about an inch because it dips down so you can attach a shower head. But still, you get a good amount of extra height. When you attach a shower head to the end, you get about 7.5 inches of clearance from the shower wall. While not as much room as the above ‘Reach’, you can always add a small shower arm extension to make it further from the wall.

High Rise Shower Arm and Flange


Deluxe Wall Mount Shower & Massage Heads For Tall People

Shower & Massage Heads For Tall People

When you want to take your shower experience to the next level, you simply got to check out one of the wall mounting deluxe shower ensembles. These things are incredible, and also expensive.

However, while researching for the best options for tall people, this little gem by Perfetto Kitchen presented itself. Not too expensive, in comparison to ones double the price, and suitable for tall people over 6’5″.

What makes this model such a good option for a tall person are two things. First it’s a extra long wall mount, so you get more height. This one measures 65 inches in height when compared to others its about 20 inches longer.

Secondly the shower head platform shoots upwards on an angle to achieve greater heights. This gives you much needed head clearance and has been verified by people 6’5″ tall with room to spare. A lot of these wall mounted designs, the shower head platforms come out dead flat at 0°. So you loose the extra height and have the potential to hit your head if you are really tall.

So Whats It Do?

This Perfetto Kitchen multi function shower ensemble is an innovative design set to shower you like never before. It has built in functionality so you can control the show experience while getting wet.

What it does is shoots streams of water out of the front plate, the water shoots out of the 8 jets to not only clean your body, but give you a water massage at the same time.

Then there’s the overhead rainfall shower head that I mentioned earlier. So you can have a traditional shower while getting blasted by the jets at the same time. Having them work together and not separately sure is a huge positive for this model.

Lastly there’s the shower hose attachment which allows you to use a handheld shower head to reach the other areas of your body. This is also a good thing for people that have shorter members of the house using the same shower as it allows them to have a lower shower head option.

Wall Mount Bathroom Massage Multi-Function Shower


Adjustable Height Shower Head With Extra Long Slide Bar

The last type of shower head that’s great for tall people are the slide bars with the attached handheld shower heads. This is the type I first had installed but found that it was not tall enough.

But little did I realize that these slide bars can come in extra long versions like the Moen 30 inch version here. The previous model I had was only 24 inches. So the extra 6 inches of slide bar gave me the freedom to enjoy showers at the appropriate height.

The length of the hose is also important and the Moen comes with an extra long 69 inch hose. So tall people can still get to the areas a shower may not be able to. This also means a short person can use the same shower head as the tall person. But if you are much taller than your partner, do thee right thing and lower the head for them after you finish your shower.

The Moen comes with the shower head and installation kit. The shower head boasts four different shower types including: full shower, massage, invigorating spray and a combination shower for when you cant decide.

While Moen does include an installation kit, it doesn’t include the A725 Drop Ell, found on amazon here, to complete the assembly. It’s not a huge amount extra, but still would be ideal if they included all the parts required for installation. But that’s Moen for you.

MOEN 30" Slide Bar Handheld Shower Head


Installing A Shower Head Slide Rail

While you will get installation instructions with the above Moen 30″ slide bar shower head, some folks may be concerned about the installation part.

But don’t be, it’s not nearly as scary as you may think. After all you are not adjusting the main water pipes or anything like that. It’s simply attaching the slide rail to your shower wall.

Below you can find a generic installation guide to show you how easy it really is. But if this all seems too hard, just bo back to basics and get a bathtub for tall people. Much more relaxing anyways.

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