6 Oversized Bathtubs For Tall People

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Oversized Bathtubs For Tall People

I haven’t had a bath since I was a child. It always seemed like the tubs were getting smaller and smaller the older I got. But coming from a relatively poor household, I never knew oversized bathtubs for tall people even existed. From an early age I was of the opinion that adults didn’t take baths.

Now that I’m much older, wiser and certainly much taller, the one regret I have is never installing a bathtub into our ensuite. Fortunately for me and my Wife, there’s enough room for us to install a bathtub anyway.

Which leads me to the question of which bathtub is best for tall persons like myself and my partner. Not having a clue what we were getting ourselves into, we began the search for the best oversized bathtub with a budget of no more than $1800.

Which leaves us enough money for installation by a plumber. Ideally we want to spend less than that and aim for around the $1000 mark.

Quick Comparison

Top Length Floor Length Water Height Price
The Longest Bathtub
79" 51 3/16" 16" Check Price Amazon
Best Deep Soaker Bathtub
72" 53.5" 18.5" Overflow Check Price Amazon
71" 48.5" 17.5" Check Price Amazon
Extra Large Bathtubs
86" - 110 Galllons Check Price Amazon
Oversized 72" Tall Persons Bathtub
72" 48 13/16" 13 3/4" Check Price Amazon
70 Inch Bathtub By Ove Decors 'Rachel'
70" 43 3/4" 15.5" Check Price Amazon

What We Took Into Consideration

There are many styles and types of bathtubs available for the tall person. For us it was a money issue. So jets and out of this world features would not be possible. Freestanding bathtubs seem to be a trend at the moment and I must admit that they do look very appealing.

Below you can copy our cheat sheet if you will and get a head start. While we will most likely end up with a freestanding tub, there are a couple of tubs that are suitable for taller people, like the drop in tubs which we have also considered.

Bathtub Size Requirements For Taller PeopleWhat Size Bathtub For Tall Person

Depending on what type of bathtub you settle for will determine the actual measurements you need. But what I found was that the normal adult size bath tubs range from 59 inches to 67 inches long. Which is still too short for a tall person.

The length measurement stated on product descriptions is usually the overall length of the bathtub. In most cases, the inner wall will recline back and you lose a couple of inches on the ends. So with that, I knew our bath tub had to be longer than 70 inches. Below you can find bathtubs no less than 70 inches in length.

The height of the tub is also important. No point in having an extra long bathtub with a shallow height. As soon as a oversized body gets in all the water is going to be flushed over the shallow sides. Remember this when buying a tall bathtub.

Lastly we looked at the actual base length of the inner floor of the bath tub. The area which you actually sit on and relax in. For me, I need a internal floor measurement of at least 45 inches to comfortably sit in the tub with my legs flat out.

To measure this and make sure you have the right size bathtub, simply sit down on the floor with your legs out flat in front of you. Measure from the tips of your toes all the way back to just beyond your tailbone. Allow an inch or two for movement. If you get a tub with a nice angle back, you can comfortably sit in the tub with your legs stretched out and your head laying back.

The Longest Bathtub (79″) In Our Price Range

The Longest Bathtub

During my research, I only came across one other bathtub longer than the MAYKKE Hialeah. Which is the 84″ Malibu by Americh. But it costs well over $2000. So out of the question.

Fortunately the MAYKKE Hialeah costs much less and still has a very generous 79 inch length. But this is a unique style of a freestanding tub. One end is much higher than the other end. So it’s no that great for two people in the tub at the same time. The width I found it to be a few inches shorter than other long bath tubs. So this is a more narrow 31 almost 32″ wide bathtub.

But the unique ‘slipper’ style of this tub is certainly the biggest draw card. It just looks amazing and once my partner saw it, it was like love at first sight.

A Few Important Specs

  • The internal length of this bath tub is just over 50 inches long. So plenty long enough for me to stretch my longer legs out. While still maintaining back support from the curved ‘slipper’ like back.
  • Water height comes to 13-3/4″ with the side wall being 16 inches on the flat section. There’s a overflow trim in case you relax too much and fall asleep with the water running.
  • The bathtub holds 66 gallons of water.
  • Underneath side of the tub has leveling feet if you are setting up on a multiple level floor.
  • Installation seems to be pretty simple and being a 6-8mm thick acrylic bathtub it wont be too heavy to lift, yet still thicker than many other tubs out there. May actually save money on the plumber it’s that simple to assemble.

It’s In Our Top 3 Extra Long Bathtubs

This slipper design bathtub by MAYKKE Hialeah certainly has made an impression. It would fit nicely and suit our modern style bathroom. The only thing that concerns me is the width of the bathtub. I’m not a thin tall person by any stretch of the imagination. Which is why we are putting this bathtub on hold for now. But if you’re bot oversized like myself, you may love this extra long bath tub.

MAYKKE Hialeah 79" Curved Slipper Bathtub

Best Deep Soaker Bathtub For Tall People

Best Deep Soaker Bathtub

This bathtub gets the muscles relaxing from the shear sight of it. It’s very deep, extra long but isn’t overly oversized that it takes up the whole bathroom.

This is the American Standard Drop In bathtub that measures 72 inches long. Which any tall person knows is 6 foot. There’s a few things that make this American Standard tub stand out for us. Besides being the longest drop in bathtub we could find.

Being a drop in tub like this, you also get the option for under mounting which is something I love. Just a little extra protection for water getting splashed onto the bathroom floor. As its a deep bathtub, you need to get a deep soak max drain, which is sold separately. Another great feature to keep water in the tub and not all over the floor.

What You Need To Know

  • As mentioned already, this is a long bathtub which measures 72 inches. The internal measurements of the bathtub are 53.5″ length and just over 26″ wide. So certainly not a double sized bathtub.
  • Maximum water height is 18.5″ before overflow kicks in.
  • Two pre-molded arm rests built into the bathtub along with the back rest make this deep soaker brilliant to relax in.
  • Textured flooring to prevent slips and falls.
  • Simple installation even for a drop in tub.
  • Acrylic bath with fiberglass used for reinforcement.

Overall Opinion

For a deep bathtub with the extra leg room, I don’t think there’s a better tub out there. American Standard have certainly set the standard here. However, I personally would like the inner width to be  slightly wider as I’m a larger guy. It looks fancy, it has the fancy arm rests and deep soak max drain, but comes at quite an affordable price. I’ve seen drop in tubs like this at similar quality for double the price. Certainly impressed with this tub so far.

American Standard 72" Evolution Deep Soak Bath

Wyndham Freestanding 71″ ‘Melissa’ Bathtub

Another very affordable and well below budget freestanding bathtub we are considering is the ‘Melissa’ by Wyndham Collections. This tub is a 71 inch long tub a maximum water fill of 53 gallons. Which is considerably less water than the ‘Slipper’ design mentioned above, but that doesn’t concern us too much.

I really like the simple curved freestanding appeal of the Melissa tub, it’s no sharp edges create a soft and welcoming bath experience. One side has a more relaxed angle for laying back on and stretching the body out. But it doesn’t have the ‘slipper’ like finish that my Wife so adores.

But being 71 inches long, we are still considering this bathtub. It’s made from acrylic with fiberglass reinforcements which apparently means it is warmer to touch in comparison to your typical enamel based bathtubs. Which will be a welcome change during the colder months.

The Important Stuff

  • Floor base measurements of 48.5″ long and 23.75″ wide. The total width at the opening is 32.5″ wide.
  • 17.5″ height of maximum water (53 gallons) before the overflow feature kicks in.
  • Chrome polished plug hole and overflow cutout. Alternatively a brushed nickel version is available.
  • Adjustable floor height for when needing to level the tub.
  • Two year limited warranty.
  • Light enough to carry up stairs if need be.
  • Modern and beautiful high gloss white finish.
  • The tub has a drain in the center, it is not allotted to either side.
  • Optional floor mounted faucet available.
Wyndham Collection Melissa 71 inch Freestanding Bathtub

Extra Large Bathtubs For Couples

Extra Large Bathtubs

This oversized bathtub by Hydro Systems ticks all our boxes. It’s extra long at 86 inches and wide enough that we can both bath at the same time. Being 50 inches wide and able to hold 110 gallons of water is a dream come true. However, there is not much information available about this tub.

From my own research I found out that Hydro System bathtubs are made in the USA, with a factory in California. Which is music to the ears. Especially when dealing with a hefty product like a bathtub.

This soaker style tub has a more straight line appeal rather than curves. The back rest is more of a vertical angle for sitting up straighter when in the tub. This won’t appeal to some people, but for me I find it’s quite attractive.

Like most bathtubs of this caliber, it’s made from acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass to give it the strength to hold up to 110 gallons before the over flow takes on its role. It can be either a drop in or under mounted bathtub. But because of it’s size, I think the drop in will be best for us. Making space for this extra large bathtub will be the only challenge.

When you start searching around for this tub, you will find it can come with many add ons such as: padded headrest, hydro coat, molded armrests and more. But these bump the price up very quickly. I found the base model price to be quite competitive on amazon.com. But there isn’t a great deal of information available. Alternatively you can find out a bit more on the Wayfair website.

Hydro Systems Designer EIL8650ATO Eileen 86" x 50" x 19" Bathtub

Oversized 72″ Tall Persons Bathtub

Oversized 72" Tall Persons Bathtub

Right on price point is yet another Maykke bathtub for tall people. This 72″ long tub is certainly a contender for the top price. Also a high quality freestanding tun, the Maykke Bexley bathtub looks simply divine.

The feature that attracted my eye immediately was how thick the rim on this tub is. My first thoughts lead me down the path of balancing a glass of wine while relaxing in this extra long bathtub on a Sunday afternoon. The rim is an astounding 3.5 inches thick. Talk about solid!.

A Few Of The Maykke Bexley Specs

  • 72″ long, 35″ wide and just over 21″ tall.
  • The inner bath tub floor is 22 inches wide with walls that have a ever so gentle curve for the back to rest on.
  • 66 gallons of water maximum before the chrome polished overflow takes charge.
  • Gloss white Acrylic finish
  • 13 inch water depth
  • Feet leveler for uneven flooring
  • 35 inch flexible waste hose which connects to the exterior of the tub is included to minimize plumber fees on installation.
MAYKKE Bexley 72" Modern Oval Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

70 Inch Bathtub By Ove Decors ‘Rachel’

70 Inch Bathtub By Ove Decors 'Rachel'

Out of all the designs so far, I probably like this Ove Decors ‘Rachel’ 70″ Bathtub the best. It flows nicely, has nice thick rims and the slightly higher curved end is intriguing, yet not in your face. Its got a nice glossy white finish and is CSA/ULC certified.

The specs state that the drain hole is in the center, but after further investigation I found out it is on the lower end of the tub. Which does suit my situation. The pop up drain plug and overflow valve are polished chrome which look great on the white gloss acrylic finish.

In terms of price, it’s smack bang on target. It looks like it worth much more than the asking price in my opinion. So I’m sure it will get some compliments on just how beautiful it looks. As I mentioned earlier, it is my favorite design so far. The price is right and installation seems to be on par.

The Important Stuff

  • Acrylic with fiberglass reinforcements.
  • 15.5″ maximum water height.
  • level legs are included to balance the tub perfectly
  • Sits on top of floor for easy installation. I recommend applying silicon to base of tub to prevent water damage underneath tub.
  • CSA certified.
  • Floor inside tub measures just under 20″ to just over 22″ wide due to the peanut style shape.
  • Highest end of tub measures 30″ while the lower end measures 23.25″.
Ove Decors Rachel 70-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

Which Is The Best Bathtub For Tall People?

Out of the 6 bathtubs mentioned above, which is the best for a taller person?. Well this is near impossible to answer. As they are all unique in size, shape and design. Naming the best, comes down to your needs.

The above mentioned bathtubs are just results from my research when looking for extra long bathtubs that would be suitable for my household. Perhaps you have found an even better one?. If so, I would love to hear about it in the comments section below. Other readers may also enjoy your tub more than my top 6.

So please do share you own personal experiences with being tall and buying a bathtub. Heck, share your experiences trying to take a bath in a standard size bath if you wish. I know there are plenty out there. Once you have you tub sorted, next comes finding bathroom vanities for tall people.

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