Best Beach Chairs For Tall People

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Tall Beach Chairs For Tall People

Inadequate sized beach chairs are the burden all tall persons face when summer rolls in and it’s time to hit the sand and water. Some of these chairs are ridiculously low that even the fittest of people would struggle to not only sit in them, but pull them selves out without having to use the sand as leverage.

When it comes to finding the best beach chairs for tall people, there’s generally only two requirements. They are; height of seat from ground level and back rest height. With the exception of pool chaise lounge type of chair where lower to the ground is the major design.

The height the seat sits isn’t as relevant when you buy a recliner beach chair as you can lay back and kick those legs out and relax. But on a fixed position chair, it feels like going back in time to sit in a Primary school chair.

So with these simple beach chair requirements I’ve gone out to find the best tall beach chairs on the market. Disclaimer: My taste in chairs may vary from yours. So be patient and scroll down until you see something you like. But rest assured that they are suitable for the big and tall man.

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The Best Tall Beach Chairs

Best Tall Beach Chairs

The first tall man folding beach chair is the Deluxe XL by Beach Mall. This is a oversized beach chair is suitable for the big and the tall due to its 300 lb weight capacity.

Along with the high weight capacity is some larger than normal dimensions. Being a 4 position recliner beach chair like the Beach Mall XL is, I like the fact it has a higher seat high than most other beach and pool chairs.  Otherwise getting in and out of the chair can be quite difficult with long legs, or an ageing body. So it’s a very good selling point for tall beach goers.

It’s Deluxe!

Being a oversized deluxe version which has a higher weight capacity and larger dimensions for the taller person, be prepared to pay more for this Beach Mall chair. But don’t be alarmed, not all the chairs on this page are going to be ‘top of the line’. There will be more budget friendly versions to come.

The Dimensions You Need To Know

  1. The seat sits 16.5 inches off ground level. Which is awesome because as you know, the chair tends to sink into the sand  a inch or so. So while not as high as sitting on a bed, it’s up there in terms of height for a beach chair.
  2. The seat depth is 17 inches with a 21 inch wide seat. So quite spacious and plenty of room for the tall person to push there backsides all the way back to allow for the legs to be comfortable.
  3. The actual back rest is 29.5 inches tall from the top of the seat. This is quite sufficient to rest the back of your neck onto the padded pillow, which is included.

Few More Features Yet To Come

With all the technical jargon out of the way, it’s time to have a look at the fun stuff. Yes, a beach chair is fun alright. Continuing on with the deluxe features is the wooden arm rests that have been treated in a marine grade clear to protect the timber form moisture. These arm rests look flash and add big value to the chair.

On the arm rests are drink holders that can hold a standard size can of drink and a slot for storing your smart phone. Hanging from the right arm rest is another storage pouch with a clear window. In here you can keep your keys and any goods you don’t want to get wet.

I have already mentioned the back rest pillow which completes the ensemble. It can be folded up and comes with a carry strap to throw over your shoulder. But being a deluxe XL beach chair with rust proof aluminum frame, be prepared for the extra weight to carry on your shoulder.

Deluxe XL Big Boy High-Wide Aluminum Beach Chair


Hi Boy By Rio Beach Review

Hi Boy By Rio Beach Review

With a raised seat height of almost double a traditional beach chair, this 17 inch tall seat will make getting in and out of the chair a breeze for tall people.

With similar dimensions to the Deluxe XL of the Beach Mall, this tall back by Rio Beach is a slightly less deluxe model. So in essence, cheaper.

The total height of the chair is 44.8 inches tall and when you take away the 17 inch high seat, your left with a total back rest height of 27.8 inches tall. So slightly shorter than the Beach Mall but still a decent height overall for a beach chair.

A Few Of The Specs

Much like the Beach Mall, the Rio also has wooden arm rests. Which gives it a touch of class. This is also a reclining beach chair which uses a ‘Safe Adjust’ method of reclining. To recline to one of the many positions its as easy as lifting up the wooden hand rests and slide your body forward or backward. Similar to a handle operated recliner. So simple it makes relaxing on the beach much easier.

While the image doesn’t show this, the Rio Beach Hi Boy does comes with a foam padding over the top bar. So it’s not like resting your head on a hard aluminum bar.

The other features this chair boasts are a drink holder which actually hangs off the side of the arm rest. I like this idea as I am forever knocking my drink when it sits in or on the arm rest. On the other arm is a pouch for keeping your smart phone in. Behind this pouch is a another zippered pouch to keep smaller items like your keys in so they don’t get lost in the sand.

When it comes time to packing up, the Rio is a lightweight chair weighing just 8 lbs. It has a arm strap that has a cushioned area so it doesn’t dig into your shoulder. Made from a rugged polyester taut fabric, I find it’s a decent chair at an affordable price.

Rio Beach Hi-Boy Beach Chair


Tall Beach Chair With Sun Shade

Tall Beach Chair With Sun Shade

While initially you may think this beach chair may look a tad dorky, after many hours in the sun your skin will thank you. This is the GCI Waterside Folding Sunshade reclining beach chair. A mouthful to say, but a pleasure in which to lay.

So it’s not the first beach chair with a SPF sun shield, but the GCI sits higher off the ground than most chairs. So it’s a suitable candidate for tall people. The sun shade itself can move forward and backwards allowing you to position yourself just right to get maximum shade. It can also be folded flat when not needed.

What About The Height?

So it’s not the tallest beach chair on this list, but it is still a good 6 inches taller than regular low hanging beach chairs. Which is what makes this recliner and sunshade feature so good. The seat itself sits roughly 14.5 inches off the ground.

One of the features I especially love about this GCI chair is that the backrest has a section which is completely mesh. This is not a common thing among beach chairs at all, and I love it. The mesh allows air to circulate to your back better compared to a full fabric backing. When you are laying down on a hot summers day, you can sweat a bit. I hate to sweat, so having this little portal of air to cool down my back a tad is just amazing.

The carry bag for this chair doubles up as the pillow on the back rest. Which is kind of cool, but not as comfortable as a padded pillow. But then again, it’s more weather proof. There’s just the one drink holder which hangs from the side of the seat, not the arm rest.

Overall the GCI is a great choice for a tall person that is skin cancer conscious. We all need a break from the sun during our days at the beach and this is a great solution. The only grip I have is that to use it in the reclining position, you need to set it before sitting down. Not a huge inconvenience, but would have preferred a cool feature like the ‘Safe Adjust’ of the above Rio Beach.

GCI Waterside SunShade Folding Beach Recliner Chair


Beach Chair For Heavy People

 Beach Chair For Heavy People

If your tall and heavy, you’re going to love this ‘Big Jumbo’ beach chair by Copa. It has a huge weight capacity of 500 pounds and is built like a tank. Extra wide and extra strong.

Best of all it has a seat height from the ground of 16 inches. Getting out of a 8 inch high beach chair as a heavy person is just about impossible. If not impossible for some people. So having this Copa chair with a double high seat height males getting in and out that much easier.

The extra wide seat on this beach chair is quite impressive. With a width of 23 inches and a depth of 22 inches, most heavy beach goers will be able to find comfort in the Copa. Because it has a high weight capacity, it needs to be reinforced and upon immediate contact with the Copa you can tell this thing was built to last. Reinforced and just looks heavy duty.

The tall backrest has a pillow on it for placing your head against while reclining in one of the positions. The spun polyester material in combination with the pillow and wooden arm rests are quite the comfortable combo. When it comes time to pack away, there is a cutout in the wooden arm which is used as a handle. Makes carrying this heavier beach chair much easier.

Big Jumbo 500 Lbs Capacity Beach Chair
The Good
  • 500 Lb Weight Capacity
  • Extra Wide 24" Seat
  • Carry Handle & Padded Strap
  • Quite Comfortable
  • Heavy Duty Reinforced Frame
  • Double High Seat Compared To Regular Beach Chairs
The Bad
  • Heavier Chair 17.7 Lbs
  • Cup Holder Tad Small
  • Prefer Shoulder Strap To Be On Opposite Side
  • Little Expensive


Best Extra Tall Zero Gravity Beach Chair

Best Extra Tall Zero Gravity Beach ChairA zero gravity chair is the ultimate height in pure relaxation and comfort. They are not all that common of a site down at the beach, but this may be down to the traditional thinking of what a beach chair is.

A zero gravity chair reclines back so that your body is in the zero gravity position. This is the position astronauts use in a spacecraft simulator. What this does is distributes the body weight evenly and relieves and pressure place on your body. Which basically means pure relaxation. Your knees are typically in  position that is in alignment with your heart.

So if a peaceful and relaxing experience is what you are after from a beach chair, then a zero gravity chair like this one from Caravan Sports is ideal.

More About The Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Chair

  • Sits 14.5″ from ground level
  • Has a pillow back rest length of 31″
  • Built with materials intended for outdoors use
  • 300 Lbs weight capacity and a little heavier to carry at 18 lbs
  • Double bungee suspension system connects to the textaline fabric which creates the custom comfort
  • Locking and unlocking the zero gravity position is simple with a little loop trigger under the armrest
  • Folds down to a compact 6 inch wide chair for transporting to and from the beach.
  • Comes in an assortment of colors.

Overall Opinion

While a zero gravity chair is not your classic beach chair, it certainly meets the tall man requirements. Being that it is an outdoors chair, there’s no reason it cannot become your number one go to beach chair. If comfort and relaxation are the aim of the game, you simply can’t afford to miss out on the zero gravity position beach chair.

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair


See This Beach Chair Review On Video


Beach & Pool Chaise Chair For Tall People

Beach & Pool Chaise Chair For Tall People

Lounging around the pool or on the beach on a chaise lounge chair is a brilliant way to relax and escape the day to day stress. But as a tall person, it’s no fun having your feet dangle off the end. This is why you need to make sure the length of the chaise is suitable for your height.

This beach chaise by Rio Beach is a great fit for tall people for a number of reasons such as:

  1. The sunbed by Rio has a seat height of 14 inches which is taller than most.
  2. The backrest is extra tall measuring 31 inches high from the seat.
  3. Multi position recliner with an adjustable foot rest. Lay completely flat with your feet rested on the foot rest. The foot rest can also be tucked under when using the Rio as a normal beach chair.

A Chair With Many Options

What I love about the Rio Beach Sunbed is that it severs many purposes. Whether you want to sit back with your legs up or lay down flat and read a book its totally possible with the Sunbed.

When working on your back tan you can lay on the sunbed face down. Behind the memory foam pillow is a face cutout. This allows you to poke your face through the backrest and read a book while laying flat on your stomach. Brilliant idea.

Like the other Rio Beach chair on this page, the Sunbed also has the ‘Safe Adjust’ feature. This means you can slide into any recline position simply by lifting the armrests upwards and using your body to slide the chair back or forwards. Although I have found coming out of the flat position to be more difficult than entering into it. A minor hassle, but not enough to put me off this great beach chaise chair.

RIO BEACH Face Opening Sunbed High Seat Beach Chair

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