Best Skis For Tall People

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Best Skis For Tall People

Unfortunately I don’t get to hit the slopes as much as I would like, but when I do, I dread having to hire skis. At my height it’s not easy finding the best skis for tall people. But the people behind the counter do accommodate my situation the best they can.

Sometimes you can get a nice set, but other times it makes you question the decision of hiring them in the first place. If you too have come to this realization that buying your own skis is the best option, then you probably already know the basics.

Finding The Height & Length Balance

Ideally you want to hit your local ski store to find the best options and personal advice for skis to match your height and level of skill. Chances are you’re a competent skier, willing to take the next step. Buying your own.

I say this because if you were quite the advanced skier, chances are you already know the process and have a set or two of your own. So the best advice for a beginner and or basic skier is to look for a ski that when stood up, comes up to the bottom of your chin.

This is a safe bet to balance your height with the length of the skis. However, this rule is certainly not set in stone. There are many variables that come into play. Such as your body type, weight, skill level and type of skiing you wish to master.

What Size Skis Does A Tall Person Need

As a basic guideline, you can consider these measurements when looking for skis as a tall person.

Following this size chart are some recommendations of skis for tall people based on the length to height ratio. Following these recommendations you can find the variables that can influence what ski you should buy.

  • 6 foot tall: 175cms or 69 inches.
  • 6’4″: 185cm or 73 inches.
  • 6’6″: 190cm or 75 inches.


All Mountain Skis For Tall People

  • 18.5 Turning Radius
  • Weight: 2.2kg
  • Sidecut Measurements: 133, 100, 121
  • Type: All Mountain


The Enforcer by Nordica (2018) is a very popular model and has had a few re-releases since its debut in 2016. With ski length options up to 193 cm (Just short of 76″), the Enforcer 100 series makes for a good set of skis for the tall beginner skier.

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If you’re looking for skis that can rip all the mountain and speed down the mountain like you’re escaping an avalanche, then the Enforcer 100 is a great starting point. They are designed to be an all round ski and can tackle the firmer morning grooms to the slushy softness in the afternoon once temperatures have risen.

The materials used in production of the Enforcer 100 are the same as their race skis used in the World Cup. From the wood core to the twin sheets of metal and full sidewalls, this creation by Nordica leaves no questions unanswered for outstanding versatility. Its no wonder these skis have won award after award.

With a stiffer tail end, you can feel the ease of turning through its fluid motion all while maintaining stability when turning at high speeds.

All in all, the Nordica Enforcer 100 series scores high across the board. With carving and versatility being pretty much perfect, the added playfulness makes the Enforcer one of the top 10 skis on the market. For tall people and short people alike.

Nordica Enforcer 100 Series



188cm Skis For The Taller Skier

Skis For The Taller Skier

  • 18 Turning Radius
  • Centered Sidecut: 128, 98, 118
  • 3.5kg

The Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis are another option for tall people due to being up to 188cms in length. These skis differ from the above Enforcers as they are much better for playing around in soft snow.

Because of this, they lack the speed that thrill chasers may be after. But the extra length and maneuverability (Both off on an piste) of the Rossignol Sky 7 wasn’t designed for speed as such. But in saying that, they lack the stiffness some other back country skis have which makes the Sky 7 skis a great alternative as all round skis.

Because they are relatively light and easy to use, the stability is increased along with versatility. So you can use these skis for just about anything, just don’t expect to break any speed records anytime soon.

The Rossignol brand of skis are developed using a unique 5 pt sidecut, one of the pioneers to do so. Through the years of development they have crafted these skis, and while they only list the 3 measurements including the 98mm underfoot, you can feel the difference when using a 5 point sidecut.

All in all, Rossignol Sky 7 HD provides a relatively forgiving all mountain type of performance. They have been praised as being one of the best for beginners wanting to explore off trail soft snow while having the capabilities to turn easily on groomed snow due to the improved edge grip on the HD model.

Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis w/SPX 12 Dual WTR Bindings Mens


All Mountain Tall Women’s Skis

  • 12m Turning Radius
  • All Mountain Skis
  • Sidecut Measurements: 123, 76, 109
  • Weight: 4.8kg (10.6lbs) with binding @170cm. 4.4kg @ 162cm

So you’ve tried skiing a few times, got the bug and now want to step away from hired skis. For a tall Woman, the Rossignol Experience 76 are the ideal entry point.

With lengths up to 170cms, the Experience 76 skis are great for beginners to intermediate skiers. They are designed for all mountain skiing and perform especially well on piste.

These skis are quite narrow with a underfoot of 76mm which is well suited for Women wanting to tackle hardpacked snow, groomed and on trail adventures. The narrowness of the design makes them great for front side mountain skiing on trail.

The flexibility of the Experience 76 skis is soft to medium staying clear of a stiff firmness. This does sacrifice some power in replace for comfort and ease of use. Perfect for the beginner to intermediate and entering into the advanced category.

The rocker profile of the skis ensues you can tackle all mountain skiing. The skis are quite forgiving making it easy to roll into a turn quickly while they release easy to come out of a turn. Overall they are light on the feet, edgy and provide a very smooth ride.

Rossignol Experience 76 Ci Skis w/Xpress 10 Bindings Womens


Skis For Big And Tall

Men’s Vs Women’s Skis

If you’re a tall woman, it’s not as easy as just buying a shorter ski. There is a difference between women’s and men’s skis. A lot of this difference comes down to the points mentioned below.

A ski labelled as a woman’s will typically be lighter, shorter, smaller underfoot and have an increased ramp angle. The skis for a woman need to be lighter because in general, women weigh less than a man. So for a women to flex their skis like a male can, they need to be lighter.

This is also true for length as on average men are taller than women. So on average, a women’s ski will be shorter than a mans. The smaller underfoot of the ski again comes down to men generally being bigger in body.

The last difference between a men’s and a women’s ski has to do with the natural difference in center of gravity. Women are all about the hips while for men its about the chest.

By this I mean a women’s center of gravity stems from their hips while for men, its the chest that helps maintain balance. So to counteract this, a women’s ski will either have the binding placed closer to the tip of the skis or they will have a slight ramp to help make skis better balanced for women.

Not as simple as buying women’s ski pants I here you saying. So a tall female skier shouldn’t just buy an average male’s size ski and think that will do. Because the balance will be off and it will make life more difficult.

Big And Tall Skis?

If you happen to be a hefty sized person, is there such thing as skis for big and tall people. Some skis will actually have a recommended user weight on them.

But as a simple guideline, a heavier person will need longer skis to help maintain control and balance on the skis. If you’re tall and slender, its better to opt for the shorter end of the ski size as too long and they can become difficult to control without the heavier body weight.

Ski Poles For Tall People

The guidelines for choosing ski poles doesn’t change because you are taller. At the end of the day you want the poles at a comfortable height so you can have your hands rested at a nice height.

For a tall person, you will be looking at ski poles over 52 inches in length. To find out what size poles you need, you need to rest your elbows beside your hips at a 90° angle. The pole needs to be upside down so handle is on the ground with the tip of the pole placed just above your hand.


The Types OF Skis A Tall Peron Can Buy

While skiing in essence is quite simple, you go down the slopes and turn and stop with the occasional jump. However the aspects that go into designing skis can do your head in if your read into it too much as a beginner.

The amount of detail that goes into a ski is incredible. From the length to the angle to the width to the riser plates. Every small detail can affect how you ski and the type of skiing you’re wanting to perform.

To make life easier on the beginner, many skis are classified into groups. So you know what you’re getting yourself into. For example, if you’re a first time skier going down some pretty basic slopes at the snow park, chances are you won’t be wanting cross country skis. So instead, some simple beginner skis are ideal.

Here’s a brief rundown on the types of skis you can buy and their preferred uses.

Beginner Skis

Beginner skis are just that. Ideal for the first timers wanting skis that are easier to use. What makes a ski beginner friendly?. Well they are generally more flexible, shorter, lighter and don’t have sharp edges.

These attributes make turning easier while also correcting any mishaps you may have easier. The edges of the skis will not be as shark either, this is because a beginner is less likely to need to dig in and shred some snow.

All Rounders

The step up from beginners are all round skis. These are the most common types of skis because well, you can use them for just about everything. They are designed to handle most conditions, but not be the best in the field.

For example, an all rounder ski would be able to be used in a park for free styling, but would not be as good as skis designed for pulling off such tricks like the grinding and jumping.

Slalom Skiing

Skis designed for slalom are unique because they can cut into snow much easier. Giving you the ability to turn on a dime. Slalom skis will be much heavier (So you can cut into the snow), shorter and stiffer.


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