Raised Cutting Boards For Tall People 4 Inch To 6 Inch

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Raised Cutting Boards For Tall People

Back in my younger days I spend countless hours preparing food as a tall Chef. Needless to say my back got a workout and being tall was not the least bit helpful. These days however, the tall home cook has more options with these cutting boards for tall people.

These options include raised cutting boards with feet and 4 inch thick cutting boards up to an incredible 6 inches of thickness. Looking back, when I use to stack multiple chopping boards on top of each other, the height increase still probably didn’t exceed 2.5 inches.

While I did have damp clothes between each layer of board, it certainly wasn’t the safest idea. With the amount of times the middle board slide out unexpectedly, I’m surprised I still have all my digits. But at the time, it was my only option as the 8 hours of chopping julienne carrots and onion brunoise was too grueling on my back to do nothing about.

The Chopping Board Options For The Tall Person

Fast forward 25 odd years, and the options for cutting boards that give you extra height have drastically increased. While I left the hospitality industry some 12 years ago, I still do my fair share of food preparation at home.

So any extra height I can get, I will take. Which brings me to this list of available options for the taller cooks. Below you can find an assortment of raised cutting boards that can give you up to 5.5 inches of extra height as well as extra thick butchers blocks to 4 inches thick.


4 Inch Thick Cutting Boards

4 Inch Thick Cutting Boards

First up are some of the thickest cutting boards which can add up to 4 inches of extra height. Personally I prefer these solid works of art over the raised or cutting boards with legs. Simple based on a stable platform performance a big heavy cutting board like this by Boo’s blocks.

I have always admired the craftsmanship and functionality of Boos products and this 4 inch thick cutting board is no different. It’s simply a stunning chopping board.

The 4 inch thickness of this board can really help tall people leverage their knife skills better without compromising their backs. But with a solid and professional quality board like this, you really do gain the knife confidence needed to perform daily cutting techniques.

When you’re hunched over so much, you never really feel 100% confident with a sharp knife in your hand. Having the extra 4 inches of table height provided by this block, you can feel much safer and confident.

It’s A Professional Cutting Board

When I first went on my search for a 4 inch thick cutting board suitable for a tall person, I expected to find some DIY or flimsy quality board. But this cutting board by Boo’s Blocks is simply pure quality.

It not only looks a million bucks, but it’s also the cutting board of choice by professionals in the hospitality industry the country over. Being made in the USA is also another good thing for your kitchen.

Comes In Many Sizes

Being a rather thick cutting board, I was expecting to be offered one size option, maybe two if I was lucky. But to my surprise, this Boo’s Blocks cutting board comes in a variety of common sizes, including a mammoth 48 inches by 24 inches.

All of which come with the 4 inch thickness which is just so darn helpful for the taller person. Each board is made from hard rock maple that has been personally selected by hand. The quality simply doesn’t get any better than with this board.

While a professional quality board does cost a bit more and does require regular maintenance, oiling every 3 or 4 weeks to keep this thing in mint condition for many many years, it’s seriously worth the upfront cost. Especially as its 4 inches thick and ideal for the tall person.

John Boos Block Maple Wood End Grain 4 Inches Thick


Extra Thick Chopping Board Up To 6 Inches Thick

Height Size Price
3" 20"x20" Check Price Amazon
3" With Feet 18"x18" Check Price Amazon
3" 18"x18" Check Price Amazon
6" Reversible 24"x24", 24"x30", 30"x30" Check Price Amazon


Best Heavy Duty Cutting Board On LegsRaised Cutting Boards

When you need the extra height to cut your food up but don’t want such a heavy butchers block, your next best option is a heavy duty cutting board with legs. The board isn’t quite as thick, yet as a tall person you benefit from the extra height the legs provide you.

Weighting just 7.5 pounds, the Big Easy Bamboo cutting board is my number one pick when it comes to boards on legs. It’s tough, durable and made from high quality Bamboo.

Based in California, the Big Easy is crafted by Totally Bamboo. Bamboo is a great alternative to using hardwood boards for 2 reasons. One they are significantly lighter and two, they are easier to maintain. Plus they are better on your knives compared to hard plastic boards, which falls into easy maintenance point as well because you don’t have to sharpen your knives as much.

To maintain a bamboo cutting board, you will need to apply the Totally Bamboo Oil, found on amazon here. This oil will not only protect your board, it will also enhance it and bring it back to life once it starts looking like its seen better days.

3 Inches Of Height

The Big Easy board by Totally Bamboo adds an extra 3 inches of height to your bench top. While its an inch short compared to the above John Boos, its considerably lighter. Which can be a huge buying factor for some people.

The Big Easy also comes in a variety of sizes to cater to different kitchen styles and sizes. Overall, I would certainly put the Big Easy as my #2 cutting board behind a 4″ thick Boo’s Block based purely on the height, quality and ease of use.

3" Tall Big Easy Bamboo Cutting Board


Raised Cutting Boards

Ideally you want a thick and long lasting cutting board like the ones mentioned above. These kind of boards will undertake any amount of knife abuse you give them. Which is the main benefit to a big and heavy board like this.

They can handle you filleting a fresh side of Salmon, or de-boning a Quail with ease. But sometimes a big bulky board like this is over the top for some folks.

A more simplistic approach to gain extra height is to buy a raised cutting board, one on supporting legs to give you the height boost you need.

However, I do recommend these raised chopping boards with some caution. They are not as heavy duty as the thick one piece butchers block style cutting boards.

Put all your weight into a raised cutting board on legs and chances are you will end up going through he board. The legs will give way or the board will crack in two. But for making light meals with minimal heavy duty knife use, the raised boards do come in handy.

If you just need to prep some vegetables, or prepare a salad, these boards are up for the task. But for a more intense task like slicing up a whole rump, I’d avoid a board like this and stick to your bigger and stronger block boards.

The Chop Above For Tall People

The Chop Above For Tall People

The Chop Above cutting board is a raised cutting board that is designed to make prepping food into bowls much easier. You simply prepare the food on the board and with the 4.5″ clearance underneath the board you can place a bowl there so you can easily slide the food into with your knife.

For tall people, the added bonus is that you get a 5.5 inch height cutting board. It’s not the biggest cutting board measuring 9″x15″, but for prepping light foods, the Chop above could prove handy.

In terms of how strong it is, I would be amazed if you were able to really put you body weight into this thing like you could on a hardwood board. To be honest, I don’t think I would have the courage to try.

However I have read from other reviewers that it is in fact stronger and sturdier than it looks. I guess for the price of it and the added 5.5″ of height, it’s worth the consideration. But for chopping up some hefty meats I would stick with something more stable like the Boo’s Blocks collection.

The Chop Above Raised Cutting Board


Additional Cutting Boards With Legs

Again, any board supported by legs is not going to have the same strength and resistance a genuine chopping block can provide. But for the tall person, the extra height is a blessing.

So do use your own judgment before attempting to prepare food that is raised on legs. Ensure the legs on the cutting boards have non slip pads so that you don’t end up slicing a finger off when the board suddenly slips.

Height Sizes Price
3.5" 16"x12" Check Price Amazon
3" 9.75x9.75, 9.75x18, 11x21.25, 21.25x29.5 Check Price Amazon
3" 9"x6.5" Check Price Amazon
3.5" 16"x10.5" Check Price Amazon


Make Your Own Height Extended Cutting BoardsHow to Make Your Own Raised Cutting Board

For the DIY enthusiasts out there, you can also make your own raised cutting boards. Its not as hard nor as scary as it sounds. Especially if you buy one of the butcher blocks listed above as you are already getting an additional 3 to 4 inches of height.

You can buy hardwood from your local timber outlet or you can buy furniture legs/risers. Attach these to the base of your cutting board for even more height.

Furniture legs are the easiest option as you can simply screw the attachment plate that comes with the legs straight into the underneath side of your cutting board. Job done.

For adding hardwood to the base of your board for extra height, you can either get 4 to 6 square blocks and attach them vial liquid nails or super strong glue. Ensure you have non slip grip pads on the bottom of each feet so the board doesn’t slip around your kitchen bench.

Before attaching the blocks I would make sure they are well sanded and have been oiled so that they are smooth and look similar to the wood of the cutting board. See below video.

So there you have it, cutting boards for tall people are possible with a little bit of out of the box thinking, just like dining tables for tall people can be achieved. Depending on how tall you are will determine which is best for you. But with the addition of simple DIY riser blocks, you can transform just about any cutting board into a suitable option for the taller person.


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