Folding Chairs For Tall People (Best Options)

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Best Folding Chairs For Tall People

Folding chairs serve a great purpose, compact, portable and convenient. However, trying to find folding chairs for tall people can be somewhat of a challenge. As any person taller than 6 foot knows, sitting in an average size chair can be challenging at the best of times.

Folding chairs being designed for portability and compact in size make it very difficult for a tall person. If you want a high back rest folding chair, keep on dreaming. If you’ve found one, I’d be happy to hear about it. But from my thorough research, there is none.

Which is not a huge deal as folding chairs generally have a low back rest, even for people under 6 foot tall. But the killer for tall people is the seat height and seat depth. Anyone taller than 5’9″ feels like a child sitting in regular size folding chairs.

What Options Does The Tall Person Have Then?

Most of your typical bulk buy folding chairs intended for large functions, parties and weddings have a seat height of between 16 inches and 17 inches. Camping chairs are technically folding chairs and can have seat heights greater than 20″.

Which is fine in some situations, but when you just want your classic folding chair with a raised seat, its nearly impossible. Below you can find some of the taller folding chairs I’ve found through my research.

But these folding chairs still only have a 18 inch to 19 inch seat height. So for the very tall people, you’re going to need to look into either folding counter height (24″ seat height) or folding bar stools (29″/30″ seat height) as your best option. Which I have started this list off with. From there you can find regular folding chairs with seat heights up to 19 inches for both indoors and outdoors use.

29″ Folding Chair For Big & Tall

Folding Chair For Big & Tall

For the very tall people, you will be looking at getting a folding bar stool with a seat height of around 30 inches. This particular folding bar stool by Event Stable has a 29 inch tall seat with a 13″ high foot rest.

What I like about this folding chair is that it has a decent width back rest. Many folding chairs that sit this high often have no back rest at all. But I personally prefer the stability and safety factors of a back rest.

The back rest on the Event Stable chair is 17.5 wide and the top of the seat to the top of the back rest measures 8 inches. Certainly not a high back rest, but decent enough to provide the stability of sitting on a bar stool like this.

This is a commercial grade folding bar stool, so its built to handle frequent use. As for a weight capacity, it’s listed on their site to handle 350 pounds. Making it a decent folding chair for the big and tall people.

EventStable TitanPRO Folding Bar Stool

Extra Tall Folding Chair (Bar Height)

Extra Tall Folding Chair

This model is by Vispronet and its your classic folding chair, but on steroids. With a seat height of 30 inches, the very tall people now have a folding chair option that is light, portable and can be stored away with minimal space required.

Standing a whopping 47.5 inches in total height, this is certainly one extra tall folding chair. From the top of the seat to the top of the backrest, you get much larger support with it being 17.5 inches compared to the above 8 inches of support of the Event Stable chair. Plus the actual back rest itself is larger offering more space for your back to rest on.

The Vispronet is an outdoor an indoor folding chair. Being all weather means its ideal for outdoor events, but can certainly work indoors. The seat is contoured to make it fit in with the natural curves of your backside. Making it more comfortable to sit on, which you certainly want if you plan to sit on these for many hours straight.

Made from solid HDPE (High density polyurethane), these folding bar chairs can handle up to 350 pounds according to the Vispronet website. Making them another alternative for the big and tall people.

On the legs of this chair are non slip feet which are essential for any event. Finishing off the chair is a nice handle built into the backrest, making them easier to carry to and from the party.

Vispronet Folding Bar Height Chair

Folding Bar Chair For Tall Persons

Folding Bar Chair For Tall Persons

The final offering for bar height folding chairs is by ORE international. This bar height folding chair is a unique design consisting of wood composites and metal frame.

I wouldn’t rate this chair as heavy duty as say the above two options, but for they do offer a little more style if that’s what you’re after. The wood composite seat and backrest just add a little class to the boring folding chair.

Wood composite is basically a blend of wood, resins and a binding agent for those curious. While they can be used for outdoor use, I would ensure they don’t get left out for long periods unless you plan on maintaining the seat and backrest with some clear varnish.

Overall the chair has a height of 37 inches with the seat taking up 28.5″ of height. Seat is a little narrow at 12.5″x12.5″, so not ideal for bigger people. I wouldn’t think they would find them very comfortable to sit on for extended periods.

The frame and legs are an alloy finish meaning they are stronger because they are a mix of at least two metallic substances. Designed for strength and resistance to rust like stainless steel.

Overall, they are a decent chair, however the smaller seat does make them somewhat less desirable in terms of comfort. But for the added height and visual appeal of the wood seats, some folks may prefer this design.

ORE International Folding Bar Chairs

Regular Chairs With Folding Capabilities

If you didn’t come here looking for counter height or bar height folding chairs, as a tall person your options dwindle a fair bit. You typical folding chair is designed to be small and compact and usually involves low sitting seats.

However, below you can find an assortment of folding chairs with slightly higher sitting seats. These are either indoor or outdoor chairs and can even be used at the tall persons dining table.

Seat Height Use Price
19" Outdoor/Indoor Check Price Amazon
18.5" Indoor Check Price Amazon
18.75" Indoor Check Price Amazon
19" Indoor Check Price Amazon
19" Indoor Check Price Amazon
19" Indoor Check Price Amazon

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