Camping Chairs For Tall People

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Camping Chairs For Tall People

There are certain disadvantages to camping as a tall person. One of them is finding adequate sized camping chairs for tall people. Sure we can go find a tree branch to sit on, or lower our standards to a regular height chair. But man do those options just plain ole suck.

For starters, there is not always a tree around, so climbing it to sit on the branch is sometimes impossible. When there are trees around, people just think you’re weird for climbing it to use it as a seat. Then a mate offers his camping chair which sits a measly 10 inches from the ground height.

Ah no thanks buddy, I appreciate the gesture buy I literally cannot lower myself and pick my self up from 10 inches off the ground without falling over. Not worth the embarrassment I’m afraid. Especially as a big and tall camper.

*Note: For traditional folding chairs (NOT camping chairs), view the list of tall folding chairs here.

Compare Camp Chairs By Seat Height

Features Seat Height Price
Best Camping Chair For People With Long Legs
400 LB Capacity with no sag seating, durable diamond ripstop polyester,, Dual locking feature 20" Check Price Amazon
Deluxe Tall Man's Camping Chair
350 LB Capacity, Lumbar support, Durable 600 x 300D oxford fabrics, Large storage pockets 19" Check Price Amazon
400 LB Capacity, 22.5" Foam padded wide seat, Heavy duty steel, 22" Tall back 18.5" Check Price Amazon
The Best Camping Chair For The Big And Tall
The BIG & TALL Camping Chair, 31" Deep seat, 36" Wide, 350 Lb Capacity, 6 drink holders 30" Check Price Amazon
Best Reclining Camp Chair For Tall Person
180° Recline, Swivel front feet, Adjustable legs, 350 LB capacity, Padded backrest, 58" Length Seat/Footrest 22" Check Price Amazon
Directors chair with side table and cup holder, 500 LB capacity, 18" Wide seat, Long-lasting 600-denier polyester fabric 22" Check Price Amazon
23" Wide seat with 22" tall backrest, Adjustable feet for leveling on unstable ground, 300 LB Capacity 20.9" Check Price Amazon

What’s The Solution?

I thought you would never ask. It’s quite simple really. Buy a camping chair designed for taller people with longer legs and torsos. I told you it was simple. But, finding such a camping chair is not always easy. That’s the dilemma.

Fortunately, I have been in contact with a few other tall campers and got some recommendations. Along with my own ninja-like research skills, I have compiled this list of what I believe to be the best camping chairs for tall people. Never again will you have to suffer the embarrassment of climbing a tree or using an inferior camp chair.

These chairs below will have short people shaking in their boots with inferiority. For the nail in the coffin, look into buying a tent for tall people as it will intimidate the entire campsite like no chair can.

Choosing A Camping Chair For Taller Persons

When it comes time to buy one of the extra tall camping chairs below, you first need to know your measurements. Like most furniture suitable for tall people, there are only three measurements a tall person needs to consider when buying a camp chair. That is unless you are a bigger and heavier person. But don’t worry, I got you covered as well. For warning, this chair is massive!.

  1. Seat height is important if you have long legs. I would not go under 18″ in height. Anything below this and your knees will almost be touching the ground.
  2. Backrest height. With this, it’s ideal that the back of the chair supports your shoulders and your neck. Getting a camp chair to fully support your head is almost impossible.
  3. Overall height of the chair. How high is the chair that you are sitting in now?. Measure the total height. If you feel the chair is comfortable for your height, then you will want a camping chair of a similar overall height. The overall height for a tall chair should be no less than 38 inches.

Best Camping Chair For People With Long Legs

Best Camping Chair For People With Long Legs

Camping is meant to be about getting away from the hustle and bustle of reality. So as a tall person, the last thing we need is a camp chair that sits so low to the ground we’re basically sitting on the ground with our legs straight out in front.

Which is why I like the XXL Dual Lock camp chair by Kijaro. Strange brand name, but excellent chair if you have longer legs. This is because the Kijaro sits at a comfortable 21 inches in height from ground to the seat. Which is between 3 and 5 inches higher than your standard camp chair. Plus the taut fabric doesn’t sag down 3 inches leaving you low to the ground either. So you really do sit tall and proud in this chair.

The overall height is also taller than standard camp chairs measuring in at 40 inches tall. Combine this with a 400-pound weight capacity and you got yourself one super strong camping chair for the big and tall people.

There are two features on the Kijaro that I especially like. They are:

  1. The mesh backing. When you are a larger guy like myself, you tend to sweat a lot. So having a mesh backing right down the center allows greater airflow to the body. Which reduces sweat and keeps you cooler.
  2. The dual locking feature. Unique to Kijaro, this features allows you to lock the chair so it can’t be adjusted. So when it’s in sitting mode the chair locks and when you fold it away it can also lock into the folding position. No more annoying camp chair unfolding causing you grief while you’re carrying it back to the car with 10 other things in your arms.
  3. Ok I lied, there are 3 things I love. The 2 drink holders. Yes, you read that correctly. The kijaro comes with a drink holder on both arms. So regardless of whether you are a left-handed or right-handed drinker you get to safely rest your drink. Oh, there’s also a cool pouch on the right side for storing valuables and such.
  4. It comes in a vast array of vibrant colors for both the Men and the Women.
Kijaro Dual Lock Camp Chair - Canyon Red

The Deluxe Tall Man’s Camping Chair

Deluxe Tall Man's Camping Chair

Some people like the bare minimum when it comes to camping, but I’m the opposite. If I can get a deluxe package at an affordable rate, then I’m all in. This is the exact case with the King Camp Simpson ‘Deluxe’ edition tall camping chair. This chair has the lot with a side of awesomeness.

To start with, the King Camp is the right size. It’s an impressive 41 inches in total height with the seat measuring in at just under 19″ from the ground height. The backrest of the chair is a dome-like shape. Meaning you get space for your head to rest unlike traditional square set backrests. The total weight capacity for this chair is 350ish pounds.

The chair’s frame is made out of tubular steel rather than aluminum like most camp chairs. What this means is it’s going to be a lot sturdier, stronger, and in theory, last longer. The only drawback to it being made from steel is that it’s heavier to carry than your normal aluminum chairs. Weighing just over 11 pounds, it’s not that unreasonable to carry tho.

The Best Features Of The King Camp

  1. Without a don’t the comfort of this beast of a chair. It’s big and wide so you don’t feel like a sardine when trying to roast a marshmallow. But the biggest contributor to comfort is the built-in lumbar support system. If you don’t know what lumbar support is, it’s a cushioning typically found in office chairs which are located around your lower to mid-back region. So it offers unmatched support and comfort. Ideal if you have lower back pain.
  2. The ‘Deluxe’ features. This is when you really like to show off to other campers. “Hey mate, does your chair have a built-in beer cooler?”. That’s right this chair has a 3 can drink cooler located just under the right armrest. Pretty awesome if you ask me.
  3. The other cool features are the standard drink holder and two pouches for storing valuables. One is located on the right-hand side of where your knee goes. The other is just behind the headrest. This is a really good spot to store keys and smartphones as it’s not a common storage location if someone dared to rob your gear as you were swimming in the lake.
King Camp 'Deluxe' Tall Persons Camp Chair

Best High Back Camping Chair

You may be tall but your legs are not in proportion. Meaning you have a taller upper half. If this is the case an extra high back camping chair is in order. One of the best high backs belongs to Timber Ridge. With a generous 22 inches for you and your back to get acquainted with. The total height is 38.5″ tall. So the seat height isn’t too high measuring about 16 inches from ground height.

The Timber Ridge is another steel frame chair that has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The frame is over one inch thick. So breaking this tank will certainly be on my bucket list.

Decent Padding

What makes the Timber Ridge a stand out for me is the inconspicuous padding. Not too many camp chairs are padded as it can interfere with the fold-up mechanism. But the Timber Ridge applies a light layer of foam padding into the seat. The arms are also padded, yet you can easily fold this chair up like any regular camp chair.

Overall the quality workmanship on the Timber Ridge is above average. The seat doesn’t sag like on some canvas chairs, nor are there any elastic bungee cords to potentially break. It has a swivel cup holder which is kind of cool as you can hide it away when not needed. It’s located just below the left knee. But if you are after a quality and durable high back camp chair, the Timber Ridge is certainly a great option.

Timber Ridge High Back Camp Chair

The Best Camping Chair For The Big And Tall

The Best Camping Chair For The Big And Tall

The moment has arrived. The unveiling of the biggest most massive camping chair I have ever laid my eyes on. If you are big and tall, you are going to fall in love with this tank of a chair.

Introducing the Giant Oversized Big Portable Folding Camp Chair by Easy Go Products. Quite a mouthful isn’t it?. I could certainly go for a drink or 6 after that. Which is exactly what this chair can offer. It has an incredible 6 drink holders built into this walking and talking bar fridge. Oh, I mean portable camp chair. I’ve never seen a camp chair capable of such greatness.

Moving on, the awesomeness doesn’t stop there. Remember how I just said this chair is a tank and built for big and tall people. I wasn’t lying. This chair is so big it’s scary. It’s pretty much double the size of a regular camp chair. So if you are thin and tall, you may want to pass on this chair. It could get weird with how much seating space you have at your disposal.

So far the tallest camp chair on this page has been 41 inches. This Giant comes in at a measly 66 inches tall. Just wow!. It’s also 60 inches wide. So if you are big (up to 340 lbs in weight) and tall(I don’t think it matters how tall) the Giant is certainly one huge opportunity for you to show off at camp. Although I am a little disappointed with it not being a 800-pound capacity camp chair. That would have been impressive.

So the seat height on this camping chair clearly smashes the competition. Some folks may need a ladder to get in it. It’s an incredible 30 inches high from the ground. I guess that’s why they call this chair the XXXL camping chair. While it doesn’t boast too many features like side pouches, side tables or padding. It sure as heck is the biggest camping chair I’ve ever seen.

The XXXL Camping Chair

Best Reclining Camp Chair For Tall Person

Best Reclining Camp Chair For Tall Person

Having leg room when you’re a tall person can one of the most frustrating things as it often leads to you being cramped up and eventually, being in pain. This is where this excellent reclining camping chair from Vingli comes into the picture that will offer tall people a great option for there next camping trip.

An important job that a camping chair needs to do, is that it needs to be comfortable since you’re meant to be relaxing on your trip. In my opinion, one of the best ways to do this is to be able to recline on your camping chair which is exactly what this great chair does.

Excellent Comfort For Tall People

Just taking a glance at this camping chair you can already see how it’s a great option for taller people. With it measuring an impressive 58″ in length, you will finally be able to relax while sitting on this camping chair which is something I think a lot of taller people will appreciate.

While the impressive length is one of the standout features of this camping chair, it still has a lot more to offer in terms of comfort. They have gone with comfortable 1″ sponge padding that makes this chair really comfortable when you’re laying down on it.

One thing that can be an issue with some camping chairs is that when you’re sitting in them for a long time that can get a little warm. This is why I like they have gone with a mesh underneath the padding which allows it to breathe which works really well in the warmer climates.

King Of Stability

A unique feature of this camping chair is something called duck feet. What this means is that this chair will be stable when you have it on surfaces that are softer which makes it a great choice for people who like to go fishing while camping.

VINGLI Folding Fishing Chair

Camping Directors Chair For Tall People

22″ Seat Height

Directors chairs are a great option for taller people as they offer you more legroom compared to your standard camping chairs. With this director’s chair having a seat height of 22″ makes it a great option for taller people out there in my opinion.

Not only does this director’s camping chair offer a good seat height, but it also offers a great amount of seat space for those who need it. The width of the seat is roughly 18″ which makes it very comfortable to sit on since you don’t feel so cramped up on the seat which is something that is important for taller people.

Tougher Than Your Standard Camping Chairs

I could understand if you first looked at this chair and thought it would be a little weak and couldn’t trust sitting on it. That’s not the case with this camping chair, as it has an extremely impressive 500lbs weight capacity that allows it to hold some heavier people.

There is a good reason to why this camping chair has a good weight capacity and that is it has been made out of durable materials. The frame itself is made out of tough steel which gives it this excellent amount of strength.

The tough frame is definitely one of the standout features of this camping chair but the fabric they have used is also extremely durable. It’s been made out of 600D polyester fabric which will help give this camping chair a long lifespan.

Bonus Feature Makes It Stand Out

One of the things I really like about this director’s camping chair is that it includes a really useful side-table. This is perfect for putting things such as drinks or books on. While this might not sound like the biggest deal, it does make a big difference when you’re relaxing since you don’t have to get up as much.

Guide Gear Oversized Tall Directors Chair

High Back Quad Chair For Taller People

If you have spent any time camping then there is a good chance that you would have heard of Ozark Trail and the quality camping products they make. This is exactly where this excellent camping chair that has a high back really stands out in my opinion.

Most camping chairs often make the mistake of trying to keep their backrests to a lower height which is okay if you’re of average height. Being a tall person often means that your back doesn’t have any support which is one of the reasons I really like this camping chair has a backrest that measures roughly 22″.

One thing that I really like about this camping chair is that they went with a tubular steel frame. While it doesn’t have the biggest weight capacity, it’s still able to hold an impressive 300lbs making it a great choice for taller people.

Great Comfort

There is a lot to like about this camping chair with comfort being one of the best features in my opinion. It has extra padding around the top of the camping chair that does make relaxing easier to do which is one of the most important aspects of a camping chair.

For me, the width of the seat itself is one of the most impressive aspects of this camping chair since it gives you a good amount of room. While the 23″ wide seat isn’t the largest on the market, it does make a big difference when you go to sit on the chair.

Easy To Transport Which Makes Camping Easier

Folding this chair up and putting it into the included carry bag makes this camping chair really easy to transport. This makes it a great companion on any camping trip since there is no hassle when it comes to folding it, there are no unscrewing poles like other camping chairs.


Zero Gravity Chairs For Campingcamping Zero Gravity Chairs For Tall People

If you haven’t heard of or used a zero gravity chair in the past, you are certainly missing out. They are chairs that utilize the ‘zero gravity’ position astronauts use when blasting off into space.

So what you may be thinking. This position is known to be the most relaxing position the human body can be in. This is because it eliminates the pressure on your body. So it feels like you are laying/sitting on air.

So they are not only extremely comfortable, but they are also pain relievers for people with bad backs and crocked necks as there is no pressure applied to constricted muscles and nerves.

However, standard zero gravity chairs are too short for taller campers. But there are oversized versions available. You can check them out in our guide to zero gravity chairs for tall people. I promise you, once you use one of these chairs, camping will take on a new meaning.

More Tall Camping Equipment You May Need

A camping chair is just the beginning to successfully go camping as a taller person. To complete the ensemble you will also need a suitable tent where you won’t head your head on the ceiling every time you stand. When it comes to sleeping at night, it can get quite chilly. An ordinary sleeping bag won’t suffice for a tall person. It must be extra long.

Here are some links to help you continue your camping experience:

  1. Camping Tents For People Over 6 Foot Tall
  2. Sleeping Bags Up To 100 Inches Long
  3. Camping Cots – Extra Long

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