Camping Cots For Tall People

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Best Camping Cots For Tall People

With the camping season almost at our door step, it’s time to look at the best camping cots for tall people.

While a camp cot is one of the more common camping bed options, for the tall person they can be hit or miss. This is because many of the options available don’t have the specifications a tall person needs to sleep comfortably.

If it’s not the short height of the cot, it’s certainly the overall length of the bed. A short height I can deal with, but I do understand why people do need a 20-inch high cot, its the length of the cot that is critical for me.

If you’re 6 foot tall, chances are you will have no problem finding a suitable length cot, as most options available have a length of 72-inches.

But when you’re closer to 7 foot tall, you will find it really difficult to find a cot with enough length. At 7 foot tall, you will need a cot with a minimum of 84 inches in length just to fit. So with that said, below you can find some of the best and longest camping cots on the market, up to 86 inches in length and capable of handling the big and tall people.

Compare Camping Cots For A Tall Person

Size Capacity Price

Longest Camping Cot

86"L x 40"W x 20"H 500 LB Check Price Amazon

Best Camping Cot For Big And Tall People

85.75"L x 44.75"W x 19.25"H 600 LB Check Price Amazon
Tall Camping Cot 84
84"L x 33"W x 21"H 350 LB Check Price Amazon

Extra Long Cot

84"L x 39"W x 20"H 600 LB Check Price Amazon

Heavy Duty Cot For Tall Person

83"L x 32"W x 19"H 300 LB Check Price Amazon

Tall Persons Camp Cot With Headrest

81.9"L x 30"W x 15"H 440 LB Check Price Amazon

Backpacking Cots For Tall People

82.5"L x 27"W x 7"H 320 LB Check Price Amazon

Extra Long Backing Cot

78" L x 28" W x 7.5" H 300 LB Check Price Amazon

Longest Camping Cot

Longest Camping CotSize Details As Per Manufacturers Specs

86″ Long x 40″ Wide x 20″ Height
500 LB Weight Capacity

Camping cots can make a big difference on your camping trip since getting a good night’s rest is essential for a good trip. Slumberjack understands this which is why they’ve designed this excellent camping cot that is large enough to fit the bigger and the taller individuals out there on it.

Often times having to set up a camping cot can be a hassle and take way longer than it really should. This can be frustrating when you get to a campsite late and you need to set everything up. One of the biggest features of this camping cot is just how easy it is to set up while not taking a long time as well.

Sleep Worry Free

You want your camping cots to be durable and to be able to handle heavier weights as this can give you peace of mind when sleeping on them. Who wants to constantly question if the bed they’re trying to sleep on can handle them? This camping cot has an impressive 500lbs weight capacity to help with removing this worry.

They’re able to attain this incredible level of durability thanks to the reinforcement of the gusset arm. This extra reinforcement works really well with the strong metal frame of the cot itself. Making this one of the more heavy-duty camping cots out there.

Transporting The Cot Is Easy

Having to pack up and move this cot is a simple task made easier by the included carry bag. Tho it might be a little on the heavy side for some people but it isn’t a dealbreaker in my opinion. As this is one of the longest camping cots on the market, it makes it the ideal choice for tall people.

Slumberjack Big Cot

Best Camping Cot For Big And Tall People

Best Camping Cot For Big And Tall People85.75″ Long x 44.75″ Wide x 19.25″ Height

600 LB Weight Capacity

Stylish is not a word that you normally associate with a camping cot but somehow Teton Sports have managed to make a stylish looking cot. On style alone, this is an impressive cot, but it offers a good range of features that make it excellent for the big and tall people who are so often ignored.

The frame on this camping cot has been made to be extremely durable and stable. Teton Sports made the smart decision of making the frame out of steel which is where the durability comes from. To improve this even further that went with an S-leg design which is good for increasing the stability of a camping cot.

While a camping cot is best used with some kind of pad to make it more comfortable. You don’t necessarily need one with this camping cot thanks to how tight the Oxford material is when it’s set up. It can be fairly comfortable from this alone but I’d still recommend using some kind of padding just improve your own comfort.

Best Camping Cot For Heavy People

Being a big and heavy person is made more difficult with the lack of products that have been designed for us. Which is a big part of why I really like this camping cot since it has an incredible maximum weight capacity of 600lbs. This will give some of the heaviest people somewhere to sleep when they go camping.

This incredible weight capacity is made even better by the amount of room this camping cot has on offer. When you have it set up it measures 85.75″ long by 44.75″ wide and 19.25″ high. This is a lot of room for a cot and one of the biggest I’ve come across.

Heavier or larger people will appreciate the extra width this cot offers. It’s about 4.75″ wider than the above cot and pretty much the same length. With a higher weight capacity, this Teton XL is the obvious choice for big and tall people.

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot

Tall Camping Cot 84″ Long

84″ Long x 33″ Wide x 21″ Height

Weight Limit Of 350 Pounds

Tall Camping Cot 84" Long

Kamp-Rite has proven there name to be accurate with just how much they got right when they were designing this camping cot. There is a lot to like about this camping cot that can help improve the next time you go to sleep when camping.

One of the biggest issues that can affect how comfortable a camping cot can be is the frame itself. If the frame was designed with a bar running through the middle of the cot, it can be uncomfortable. Thankfully that’s not the case with this camping cot as the bars only go around the outside.

Lightweight And Durable

Having to carry large bulky objects when camping is not something you want to do. Trying to save as much space as possible is crucial in getting the best out of your trip which when you compact this cot down it only measures 43″ by 10″ by 9″. It folds down really well considering how large it is unfolded.

They went with a lightweight metal for the frame that does keep the weight down to an impressive 15lbs. Being so lightweight, while maintaining a weight capacity of 350lbs is impressive in my opinion. When you combine these factors together you have one of the best camping cots on the market in my opinion.

Small Things Make Great Things

In my opinion, when a company shows that they care about the smallest things, it shows that they are wanting to make the best products they can. I believe Kamp-Rite has done this with this camping cot by adding simple things like 2 storage pouches on the side of the cot. A very small thing compared to everything else but very useful.

Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot

Extra Long Cot By Guide Gear

Extra Long Cot84″ Long x 39″ Wide x 20″ Height

600 Lbs Weight Rating

Sometimes the simplest of designs can end up being the best since there is nothing to get overly complicated that can ruin it. I feel this is the case with this camping cot from Guide Gear. It has a very simple design that excels at being a camping cot and giving you that comfortable night’s sleep.

Tough Enough!

When this frame was being designed they wanted it to be durable so that you don’t have to worry about it breaking on you mid-sleep. Thanks to the X-Frame design being made out of steel this cot has excellent durability giving it an impressive 600lbs maximum weight capacity.

Something to note with this camping cot and how tough it is. This toughness does come with a cost that might be too much for some people. This is you need to be strong to set this camping cot up or have 2 people to set it up. So it’s not a dealbreaker but something worth noting down in case you’re a solo camper.

Get That Good Nights Sleep

This is the most important thing that a camping cot needs to do and this Magnum Cot will help you with getting that sleep. Thanks to its impressive measurements of 84″ long by 39″ wide and 20″ high you have enough room even if you’re a side sleeper.

The Polyester they used for this cot is a rugged 600D type that has the capability to hold strong weights while being comfortable. This is a big part of the reason that this cot really stands out from your standard camping cots that don’t offer this level of strength and comfort.

Guide Gear XL Magnum Cot

Heavy Duty Cot For Tall Person

Heavy Duty Cot For Tall Person83″ Long x 32″ Wide x 19″ Tall

Weight Limit: 300 Lbs

There is a lot to like about this camping cot from Tough Outdoors who are responsible for some excellent camping products. They continue this trend with this fantastic camping cot that will help with improving your next camping trip by making sure you get a good night’s sleep.

One thing I really like is when companies give you a carry case for your camping cot. So I was happy that this camping cot has one as it only weighs 18.1lbs when carrying. This is an impressive weight considering the heavy-duty steel frame this camping cot has.

As long as you follow the steps the manufacturers tell you to this camping cot is really comfortable thanks to the 600D Oxford Canvas fabric. It’s a basic step, but when you first get this camping cot it’s recommended to set it up and let it sit for at least 24-hours before using it.

Space Saving

You might look at me and think I’m crazy when saying that this camping cot that measures 83″ long and is 32″ wide and claims that it saves space! Thanks to the design of the frame you’re able to store plenty of gear underneath the camping cot. So you don’t need to have all your gear all over the tent taking up space.

This tent is roughly 19″ off the ground when you have it set up and if you like the idea of storing things underneath it. I would keep them to a maximum size of 16″ tall, just to make sure they aren’t poking you when you lay down on this cot.

Tough Outdoors Camping Cot

Tall Persons Camp Cot With Headrest

Tall Persons Camp Cot With Headrest81.9″ Long x 30″ Wide x 15″ Tall

440 Lbs Weight Limit

There are a number of ways a company can improve the way a camping cot feels when you sleep on it. In my opinion, KingCamp has outdone the opposition with this excellent camping cot that you won’t mind sleeping on for your next camping trip.

One of the first things you will notice about these camping cots is also one of its best features which are the headrest. This headrest is a simple addition but it makes a world of difference when your sleeping on this camping cot. The natural incline helps with getting comfortable and sleeping.

When you combine this excellent headrest with the durable and comfortable 1200D Oxford fabric. You have one of the most comfortable camping cots on the market in my opinion. This durable fabric also gives this camping cot an impressive 440lbs maximum weight capacity for the bigger folks out there.

Easy To Set Up

It’s no secret that some camping cots can be difficult to set up and require a lot of strength or a second person to set up. KingCamp has managed to avoid this by making this really simple and easy to set up even tho it can look a little complicated. Once you’ve done it a few times it won’t take you long to set this camping cot up.

Clever Design Decisions

This camping cot has been made with some very simple but useful design choices that make it stand out. The addition of the headrest I’ve already mentioned but things like the useful side pocket, and storage bag just take it to that next level. It really increases the quality of life a camping cot is able to give you.

KingCamp Camping Cot

Backpacking Cots For Tall People

When you move away from traditional camping cots and into backpacking cots for tall people, there are two further considerations to take into account.

These are weight and how small they fold down in size. As backpacking is a lot different from regular camping, you need a cot that is easy to carry [not too bulky], along with being lightweight. If the cot is too bulky or heavy, it makes hiking with it on your back all that much more difficult.

Because of this, manufacturers usually make the backpacking cots smaller in size to reduce the amount of metal frame needed which in turn reduces the weight and size of the cot.

Unfortunately for tall people, this means most backpacking cots are too short to be able to fully stretch out the legs. However, there are two backpacking cots for tall people listed below that are longer than your regular cot.

XL Ultralight 82.5″ Long Cot

Backpacking Cots For Tall People82.5″L x 27″W x 7″H

320 LB Capacity

Helinox saw a gap in the camping cot market that left a lot of tall people without an option. This is that there were not many backpacking camping cots that were viable for taller people who were often forced to go with a shorter cot than their height.

There are a number of requirements that are needed to be a camping cot for backpacking that has even more requirements added on for taller people. In my opinion, this camping cot from Helinox has these requirements that will make it excellent for your next backpacking trip.

To help with keeping the weight down they went with an aluminum alloy for the frame. This frame is still fairly durable when you combine it with the 600-weave rip-stop nylon they chose for the fabric. When these are combined it gives this camping cot a weight capacity of 320lbs.

Excels For Backpacking

For me a camping cot you can use when backpacking needs to not only be lightweight but also folds down so it’s small enough to be carried. This camping cot has achieved this with it only weighing an impressive 6.6lbs when folded down.

When you have this camping cot folded down it measures 6.5″ by 23″ which is small enough to fit underneath or even in your backpack. This is made even more impressive since this camping cot measures 82.5″ long by 27″ wide when you have it set up.

Some might find the width of this camping cot a little narrow which could be an issue. So it’s worth considering if this cot will be wide enough for your frame.

Helinox Cot One Lightweight

Extra Long Backing Cot

Extra Long Backing Cot78″ Lenght x 28″ Width x 7.5″ Height

300 Lbs Weight Capacity

Backpack camping can be a difficult thing to do since the tracks you will be walking can be rough so getting a good night’s sleep is crucial in helping you rest. So having the right camping cot can help with this and this model by ALPS Mountaineering is a great option for those who don’t want to break the bank.

With a camping cot that was designed for backpack camping very rarely do you get a decent height off the ground in my opinion. So with this camping cot giving you 7.5″ is something that I really like as it gives you that little bit of extra protection from the ground.

The 5 legs this camping cot gives this camping cot a lot of stability when you’re sleeping on it. You have less of a chance of this camping cot having issues you might get when the weight is only distributed over 3 or even 2 legs. This gives you peace of mind when you sleep on this camping cot.

Easy To Transport

When they were designing this camping cot they wanted to keep the weight down as much as possible. They managed to achieve this by going with an aluminum frame compared to the industry standard of steel. Giving this camping cot a big advantage over others in terms of how much it weighs(4.8lbs).

Being so lightweight wouldn’t mean a whole lot if it was to bulky to carry in my opinion. Thankfully ALPS Mountaineering understands this and has managed to keep the measurements to a small 7″ by 17″. This is even smaller than the already impressively small Helinox cot above.

ALPS Mountaineering Ready Lite Cot

Camping Cot Buyers Guide

Before you rush out and go buy the first camping cot you see there are several things you should learn to make the right purchase. This is precisely why I’ve put this buyer’s guide together to help educate you so you can make the best decision for yourself.

The Overall Strength Of The Cot

A lot goes into the strength of a cot which makes it a very important thing to consider. Having a strong camping cot will give you peace of mind when you go to sit and sleep on it.

The fabric of a cot is important and working out what it is will help in determining if it’s a tough cot. You will want to look for something that has a 600D rating if you want something that is more durable and will last a long time.

Knowing just how much you weigh will help inform you about which model should you choose. Something that has a 600lbs weight capacity is going to be strong than a model that only has a 300lbs limit. In my opinion, you’re better off going with something that has a heavier capacity so you don’t have to worry about breaking in the middle of the night.

Don’t Forget The Fabric

Focusing on the frame itself and what it’s made out are ways of working out if it’s a strong frame. Is it made out of steel or aluminum that will give you a bit of an idea on just how tough the frame is? In general, steel is more durable and aluminum is more lightweight.

Size Shouldn’t Be Ignored

This is a highly debated subject in some camping forums as some people think size doesn’t really matter since they’re all so similar. I don’t know about you but if you’ve ever been squeezed into a tight spot it can get uncomfortable. Now imagine trying to sleep when you can’t get into your natural sleeping position, it just doesn’t work.

So finding a camping cot that is not only long enough but also wide enough to fit you is essential in getting a good night’s sleep. One thing you might not consider is the height of the camping cot is important. The lower it is can make getting in and out of it difficult which isn’t going to help your situation.

Camping Cot Vs Air Mattresses

What’s Best For The Tall Person

Whenever I’m reading camping forums I often see people wanting to know the differences between air mattresses and camping cots and it often turns into which is better. This is something I disagree with as they both have there own pros and cons and what works for me might not work for you. So I decided to make these pros and cons list for you to make your own choice.

Pros And Cons Of A Camping Cot

It’s hard to argue that camping cots have a lot of good advantages that can make camping more enjoyable. Not being on the ground is a big advantage as it can allow you to store things underneath the camping cot and keep you safer from things that might be on the ground.

There is also how camping cots are better for more weather varied weathers which makes them a good choice for people who camp all 4 seasons. A small advantage is that a camping cot makes it easier when you need to put your boots on since you’re able to sit down and do it.

In my opinion, there are only a few disadvantages to a camping cot. This is they can cost quite a bit of money, be difficult to transport, and can struggle in cold weather without some kind of warmer underneath you.

Pros And Cons Of An Air Mattress

If anyone ever tells you that a camping cot is more comfortable than a camping cot then they’re arguably crazy. Air mattresses offer a lot of comforts and the closest you will get to feel like you’re sleeping on a proper bed. You’re able to adjust the air mattress and make it more comfortable by adding or removing air.

A big part of camping is how much you can fit into your vehicle when you go. Having something large and bulky taking up a lot of space is an issue. This is not something you have to worry about with air mattresses.

The cons of an air mattress are all fairly obvious in my opinion. They can be punctured easily, can need reflating daily, and can take up most of the space in a tent.

Fortunately most airbeds come in King or Queen size to give the tall person enough legroom. This is great if its two people sleeping on the one bed, but if your camping alone, you don’t want to waste so much ground space with a queen or king.

So an XL twin airbed is the best option for a tall person in this case. It offers you the extra length for your long body without taking up the whole tent.

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