Extra Tall Hemi Walkers For Tall People

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Extra Tall Hemi Walkers For Tall People

A hemi walker is a great alternative mobility assistance device for many people, young or old. As with any walking aid, the hemi also needs to be height adequate otherwise accidents are prone to happen. Which is why extra tall hemi walkers for tall people are crucial to anyone over 6 foot tall.

A hemi walker is a cross between a walking cane and a traditional walking device. The hemi walker serves a very

important purpose. A cane is sufficient for many people, but for people with more severe mobility conditions they can be too unstable and considered a dangerous product. Whereas a traditional walker is more stable and supportive, it is also heavier than a hemi walker. So many people don’t heave the strength to use a traditional walker.

Which is where the hemi walker comes in. It’s a lightweight alternative which is more beneficial to people who typically have problems down one side of their body. These can be temporary problems caused from an injury such as a broken arm or a broken ankle. Where using a cane with a broken arm can be very difficult, having the extra support of four spread out legs of the hemi walker is a much better option.

The hemi walker is also beneficial to long term users that have limited or no use on one side of the body as a result from brain injury or a stroke. Even people with peripheral neuropathy can benefit from a hemi walker as this condition causes numbness and loss of feeling in the hands or feet.

What Size Hemi Walker Do Tall People Need

As with any mobility aid, you need to make sure the product is not too tall or too low for your height. For tall people it can lead to further injuries and pain in the back, shoulders and neck if the hemi walker is too short. Not too mention the possibilities of falling over due to needing to be uncomfortable while bending down. So measuring the height you need before you buy a hemi walker is critical.

To measure what size hemi walker you need for you height is quite simple. Stand up straight with your arms straight down by your side. Now get a friend or partner to measure the distance from the floor to where your wrist meets your hand. This measurement will give you the exact height of the top bar of the hemi walker height. Now choosing the right hemi walker for you becomes a lot easier.

For most tall people, the height of the hemi walker will be between 35 and 37″ high. For extra tall people it is more difficult to find a suitable product without going to a specialist. Below you can find a few side step walkers available on amazon.

Tallest Side Walker I Found

Tallest Side Walker

Without going to a specialist manufacturer the tallest hemi walker I could find is the PCP model which is made in the USA. With this walker the height can be adjusted from 33 inches to a maximum of 37 inches tall. Which is quite suitable for people around the 6 foot mark.

The measurements for the the base foot print are 15 inches by 12 inches. Which is small enough to fit through standard door frames. While also being large enough to provide stable support. Like with most hemi walkers, the PCP comes with 2 handles. One for walking and the other for helping you get up out of a couch or chair. The handle grips are a black foam material for comfort while walking.

The cross brace frame is a simple mechanism to both lock into position while also folding it down for storage or to be packed in the boot of the car. Each of the legs come with a non slip rubber foot for extra grip on smooth surfaces like wooden floors and tiles.

The PCP side walker has a solid weight capacity of 300 pounds. So suitable for big and tall people. Overall the PCP is a solid yet affordable hemi walker suitable for people over 6 foot tall. Because it is made in the USA, you can grab spare parts easy enough which is a huge bonus.

PCP Side Style Hemi One Arm Walker


Find Extra Tall Side Walkers On Amazon

Amazon has a large selection of hemi walkers. But sorting through them all to find out the tall models can take you all day. To help speed up the process I have done the hard work for you. Be sure to check the dimensions on the product description page for the suitability to your height. Below you can find four of the best hemi walkers for tall people 36″ and over.

How To Safely Use A Hemi Walker

If it’s your first time using a hemi walker, its important you understand how it works. Especially if you are tall. Below you can find a video demonstration for how to safely operate a side walker. If video is not your preferred method of learning you can find a brief overview below.

  1. Make sure the height is set correctly for you. Have the top bar/handle of the walker come up to your wrist. Use the push pins to adjust the legs.
  2. Next place the hemi walker on your good side. The side that is not injured.
  3. Move the walker forward with your good arm.
  4. Follow through with your bad leg first. Put your body weight on the walker as you are moving the bad leg.
  5. Next bring your good leg up to the same position as your bad leg.
  6. Continue on with your bad leg leading the way.


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