Garden Tools For Tall People From Extra Long Shovels To Hoes

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Garden Tools For Tall People

Gardening is not always seen as fun, but for some its a great opportunity to unwind and gather your thoughts. However as a tall person, the discomfort and pain due to the extra torso height can make it not worthwhile. Which is why it is crucial to buy garden tools for tall people.

But it’s not easy finding the like of the best shovels for tall people along with rakes and garden hoes. Most garden equipment is designed for average height people.

Which I can understand to a degree, as they are the predominant force in the worlds population. But it does leave the tall man with one serious question. To continue digging up the garden with a average size garden fork and put up with the pain and discomfort in the back, or simply give up on gardening altogether.

Types Of Garden Tools For a Tall Person

When it comes to maintaining the lawn, us tall people certainly drew the shortest straw. But as I have already covered the options available, I won’t go into trimming the lawn again. However you can find out what options are available by visiting the tall string trimmer reviews and the lawn mower options for taller people.

  • Long Handle Shovels & Digging Tools
  • Rakes
  • Garden Hoes

Best Garden Shovels for Tall PeopleBest Shovels For Tall People

As I have already broken down the list of snow shovels for tall people, there’s no need to revisit. However, regular garden shovels are another tool especially important for the taller person.

Many backs and spirits have been broken over the humble shovel. A simple yet effective design that has helped mankind for centuries. That is if you are under 6 foot tall.

The biggest problem for tall people when it comes to shovels is the handle length. Whether you want a round tip or a square edge, most shovel handles are a measly 40-48 inches in length.

This leaves the tall person with their dominant hand right on the very end of the shovel handle. This gives us no leverage whatsoever and causes extreme amounts of pressure on the lower back. Not to mention the hunched over back adding to the problems.

So the solution is quite simple, buy an extra long handle shovel or just a handle with extra length for your existing shovel. But this option is not always available at your local gardening store. Fortunately there are a few options available online and I have dug deep to find the longest handle shovels available.

Extra Long Handled Digging Shovels

Extra Long Handled Digging Shovels

After looking for the longest handle digging shovel I came across this mammoth 60″ handle shovel by Root Assassin. Available on amazon here.

Its a unique design and offers greater transfer capacity compared to a regular digging shovel.

This is because the pointed tip steel blade has unique wings. No, no those kind of wings. But the kind that help keep your dirt and garden goodies on top of the blade instead of falling off the sides back into the hole you just dug.

It’s a very cool design which makes digging up garden beds and holes much more appealing. While also making it a decent transfer shovel when you need to shovel wheelbarrow load after wheelbarrow load of mulch into your garden.

The wings also give you more surface area on your foot when planting it firmly on top. More of your body weight can be distributed within the steel blade making penetration into the ground much easier.

But it’s the extra long handle that makes this shovel a dream to use for tall people. The handle is an impressive 60 inches long giving you an extra foot of hand space and back relief. When you add the 9.5″ blade into the equation, you have an almost 70″ long handle round point shovel. Perfect for the people over 6’5″ tall.

Root Assassin 60" Handle Shovel With Wings


Long Handle Square Shovel

Long Handle Square Shovel

It’s only fair to include a extra long handle square shovel if I’m going to show off the very cool round point shovel above. The wider mouth of the square shovel is a great tool for transferring garden materials, while the square tip steel blade is the better option for the more heavy duty options.

When digging into hard dry terrains, the square tip shovel comes into it’s own. Being a steel blade means the shovel can handle more tougher earth compared to an aluminum shovel.

The handle of this shovel measures an impressive 60 inches also. But this shovel steers away from the fiberglass route and continues on with the wooden trend that’s been in use centuries. If it ain’t broke, why fix it right?.

wooden handles are a better option in terms of longevity and strength. They are easier to fix (with wood glue) and easier to replace should they deteriorate. But wooden handles will deteriorate much quicker if not looked after. So if you want this 60″ hardwood handle shovel which is available on amazon to go the distance, make sure you keep it out of the weather and store in a dry location.


Tall Persons Garden Digger

Tall Persons Garden Digger

When you need to dig up plants or completely re-bed a garden, the roots of the plants can make the life of a shovel painful. Fortunately some smart and innovative gardeners have come up with the perfect solution. Best of all, they even though of us tall people.

This wonderful garden tool is known as the Root Slayer and us tall people want the XL version. What this tool does is digs up plants and shreds through any tough and annoying plan roots. This is achieved by the sharp teeth found on either side of the shovels blade.

The XL version is the extended shaft model. It has a total length of 57.5″ with a maximum width of 10.5″. The blade itself is 13 inches which is quite sufficient for getting right under big plants, roots and all.

While you may be thinking the total length of 57.5″ has nothing on the above shovels with handles that measure 60 inches alone, you would be right. However, the extra length is sacrificed here in order to have a back and time saving teeth like shovel. Takes less time and hassle to pull out plants compared to a regular shovel, but just not as long as the 60″ handle models above. However, the total length of this Root Slayer is still comparable to a long handle shovel anyways.

Root Slayer XL Shovel


Garden Rakes For Tall People

Much like a shovel, a garden rake can wreak havoc for the tall person. Anything that requires you to bend over for extended periods is always going to end up painful for a tall person. So a rake with a short handle is a disaster waiting to happen if you’re over 6 foot tall.

Rakes come in 3 different styles and all have different size heads and handles. So it can be hard to find the exact rake you need which has a extra long handle for a tall persons needs. Below you can find a few extra long handle rakes from the various styles available.

The 3 types of rakes are: 1. Classic leaf rake which is often plastic and designed to rake away fallen leaves. 2. Bow Rake which has a more firmer rake head with shorter steel tines for leveling out a garden bed. 3. Shrub Rake which is best suited to distributing garden mulch evenly across your garden.

Extra Long Handle Rakes

These 4 rakes below all have extra long handles up to 70 inches in length. The telescopic option can extend up to 70 inches long, yet be suitable for shorter people as well. Ideal if more than just one person will be helping out in the yard.


Extra Long Handle Garden Hoe

Garden hoe’s are great tools but unfortunately have been giving the title of being weak and flimsy compared to the ones of years past. But this is not true for all hoes anyways. This extra long handle garden hoe by ProHoe changes all that.

With the extra long 60 inch handle, not only does a taller person get a cleaner swing, but the extra length of the handle creates more torque during the movement which results in less effort on your behalf. Not to mention relief on the tired aching back.

The head on the Hoe is a 7 inch tempered steel head. Making it a good size for clearing out weeds in large garden beds, crops, bare earth and even in smaller areas with garden beds that are fragile. The handle is 60 inches long as mentioned already and made from fiberglass. So it’s much lighter than a wooden handle making it easier to use for longer periods of time.

The about 4 pound weight and user friendly grip combined with the lightweight handle make the ProHoe an easy choice for the tall person.

Prohoe Field Hoes - 7" wide blade


Mattock Pick For Tall People

Mattock Pick For Tall People

Most pick mattocks are about 36 inches in length and when using them to remove weeds can be a back breaking experience. Even if you’re only 6 foot tall, the constant motion of being bent over can be quite painful. It’s tiresome for just about anyone.

So as a taller gardener you really need to invest in a extra long handle mattock pick hoe. This weeding hoe mattock by Solid Tools Inc. has an impressive 54 inch long handle. In fact all their variations in mattocks come with a 54 inch handle.

Because of the unique head on this tool it serves multiple purposes and is ideal for gardens and yard work. While its not a full 5 pound mattock, the 1.8lb head on this mattock is still sharp enough and durable enough for digging. Maybe it’s a tad overkill for simply weeds so if you have more heavy duty tasks to achieve, this tool should handle the load.

But the unique 2 end design gives you the option to use it as a hoe or a mattock. However it is slightly heavier than a regular hoe would be, so keep that in mind. Either way the 54 inch long handle makes life easier for the tall person.

Weeding Hoe-mattock with 54" Long Fiberglass Handle


Long Handled Garden Forks For Tall Persons

Garden forks play various roles in the garden and around the yard. They come in many shapes and sizes. But again for us taller people, we need long handled garden forks so that our reach is greater in order to dig, lift and drag the fork accordingly.

Below you can find four variations of the garden fork suitable for different tasks such as cultivating, lifting manure, hay forks and more. Each design will have different handle lengths due to the specified task designed for each garden fork. So while a 46″ pitch fork may not seem as long compared to some of the above 60 inch handled garden tools, in comparison to other pitch forks of 30 inch handles, this 46 inch fork is considerably long.

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