Best Jogging Strollers For Tall Parents Which Encourage Better Posture

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Best Jogging Strollers For Tall ParentsBeing tall doesn’t mean you can’t go running with your bubs. Sure it may be difficult to find the best jogging strollers for tall parents, but there are options available to you. This is what am I am presenting with you in this article. After covering regular and umbrella strollers for taller people I realized there was a dire need for jogging strollers.

Being a parent to 3 beautiful kids, I know all to well the difficulties in finding time for exercise. Which is why a jogging stroller was my main form of exercise after our first born Ella was born. But in the beginning we only had hand me down strollers, so needless to say the stroller was not suitable for us taller parents.

Since then my eyes have been opened to the somewhat limited tall person stroller market. Which is what I am presenting down below. The best jogging stroller is a bit more expensive than most but well worth the investment. It’s the Bob Revolution Flex found on amazon. But I have also included suitable affordable options as well.

But not everybody is going to like my personal recommendations, which is completely normal. Which means you are going to be going off on your own to find a suitable stroller. In this case it’s important to consider a few factors when choosing a jogging stroller for tall persons.

What To Look For When Buying A Tall Jogging Stroller

1.Handlebar Height

The most obvious and most important feature to consider is the height of the strollers handlebars. When you are over 6 foot tall, regular strollers are simply too short. Many jogging strollers have a height of just 35-38 inches. This is too short for a tall person.

While you can get away with it when you are walking in a mall or something. Try jogging with your back hunched over an extra 6 inches. It simply wont work, not too mention the pain and pressure you are putting on your lower back. So don’t sacrifice the height of the stroller if you plan to regularly jog with it. You will regret it severely.

A jogging stroller needs to be slightly taller than a regular stroller. This is because of how you jog/run. Your hands aren’t positioned in a downwards position as much as they would be when walking. So you will need to manually measure the distance from the ground up to around your belly button. This measurement will give you a comfortable jogging height and a measurement you should look for when buying a tall jogger.

Rear Wheels & Baggage Compartment

One of the things I dislike the most about being tall is having a long walking and running stride. But in particular walking strides. I’m forever kicking my toes into the back of a shopping trolley and of course the stroller.

When you have to focus on the stroller, whats ahead and the safety of your baby, you often forget where the wheels of the stroller are. Next thing you know you have banged your big toe into the back of the wheel and pain is shooting up your leg. Jumping on one leg and screaming obscenities from the amount of pain and discomfort.

This is why it’s important to have a jogging stroller with a wider set of rear wheels. If the wheels are outside your natural running line you will limit the amount of times you will bang your foot.

The same goes with under carriage storage. If it’s too bulky and protrudes out the rear of the stroller too much you are just asking for a kicking match. So look for a jogging stroller with potentially higher storage areas and ones that aren’t too bulky on the rear end.

Below you can find strollers for tall Moms and Dads to suit all budgets. Starting from the most affordable and going up to a premium all terrain model.


Affordable Tall Persons Jogging Stroller

Affordable Tall Persons Jogging Stroller
The affordable jogging stroller suitable for taller parents is the Baby Trend Millennium jogger. Standing a very tall 46 inches, people over 6 feet will benefit greatly. But being an affordable model does come with a couple drawbacks. But nothing too serious as you will now learn.

For the price, the Millennium is a great jogging stroller. I would never trust a cheap stroller when going at faster speeds with my baby in it. Which is why I love the Baby Trend Millennium. It’s not dirt cheap, yet it’s not over the top expensive that only celebrities can afford. So for the price, I find it a reliable stroller without compromising safety features.

The biggest downside to this stroller is that the wheels do need to be pumped with air. Which is fine as long as you carry a bike pump around with you. This is one of the sacrifices made in order to keep the price affordable.

Tall Person Features 46″ Height

I love the height of the stroller which stands at 46 inches tall. But it’s not an adjustable height stroller. So if your partner is considerably shorter than yourself, they may find it too tall for them.

The rear wheels are nice and big yet spaced apart enough to allow longer legs to fully stride without kicking the wheels. There is a behind the seat storage pocket which could get in the way if you jog to close to the back of the seat. But for the mot part this wont be an issue. The underneath storage is well in front of the rear axle, so no chance of getting your feet tangled up in there.

Overall Vibe

Tall person aspects aside, I still find the Baby Trend Millennium a great buy for the money. It has a very good adjustable sun shade with peek a boo window on the top. Drink holders galore. 2 for bubs and 2 for you. Two red brakes for stopping the stroller from slipping away when you stop to take a breather and is compatible with the Baby Trends travel system.

The Millennium looks like it is worth more than it costs. This does however cover up a couple small defects. Such as the babies seat doesn’t sit completely straight up. There’s a slight recline to it which can become annoying for the child when they get older. The canopy and handlebar grips are a little off center as well. But overall, for the money and the amount of room and height it offers a tall parent, the Baby Trend is a good buy.

Baby Trend 46" Millennium Jogging Stroller


Mid Range Jogging Stroller


Joovy Zoom 360
The Good
  • 46" in height - Great for tall parents
  • Lightweight 27.5lbs
  • Holds up to 75lbs
  • Aircraft grade aluminum frame
  • Built in internal suspension system
  • Great for rough terrains like gravel and sand
  • Peek a boo window
  • Includes tire pump
  • Front wheel can lock into straight line position
The Bad
  • Front wheel can shake when going fast.
  • Doesn't stand up on it's own when folded.


The Joovy Zoom 360 is a rather popular jogging stroller due to it’s weight and ease of folding. Weighing just 27.5 pounds, the Zoom 360 can handle children up to 75 pounds. Which is on average 15-25 pounds more than many other strollers. So it’s lightweight, durable and strong. But is it suitable for a tall person?.

The Tall Facts

Like the above Baby Trends, the Joovy Zoom 360 stands 46 inches tall. So tall people are in for a treat here as well. The Zoom 360 also has large air filled wheels with a good distance between them. So jogging up the middle is a breeze. The under carriage storage compartments are very well placed and shouldn’t be an issue for longer strides.

Get To Know The Joovy Zoom 360

The Zoom 360 is a step up from the Baby Trends Millennium in my opinion. If money wasn’t a concern, I would opt for this stroller over the Millennium. It’s got a better quality build vibe about it and is a great lightweight option.

The frame is lightweight yet very strong. Made from aircraft grade aluminum makes it resilient and light. The internal suspension and linked braking system make it not only durable but well designed for rough terrain. With tires that are similar to a mountain bike (Pneumatic rubber) and being air filled allows you to tackle tough side walks and gravel filled paths. The stroller even comes with a pump to inflate the tires.

While the Zoom 360 doesn’t have a child tray like the above Millennium, it does have built in mesh pockets in the side of the seating area. These in my opinion are better for when you are jogging. Bottles tend to stay in place better in a mesh pocket. There’s also cup holders for Mom or Dad up on the handlebars.

One of the things that drew me to the Joovy Zoom 360 was it’s ability to run a straight line. There’s nothing worse than having to constantly correct the line of the stroller when running along a tight footpath. The center axle runs straight which allows the lightweight frame to maintain a pretty straight line. This feature alone makes it worth the money in my opinion.

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller


High End Running Stroller For Taller Parents

High End Running Stroller For Taller Parents
One of the best in the business is the BOB Revolution Flex. This stroller screams class, safety and best of all its tall person compatibility. Out of all the strollers I’ve seen, used and been told about over the years, this is the one that always gets high praises. It’s a high quality top end stroller which aims to please in every way possible.

Best Of All, It’s For Tall People

There’s no point of a high end stroller that is the safest thing in the world if it’s too short. Fortunately, the Bob Revolution Flex has kindly considered us taller folks. While the overall height is just 43 inches, you could easily disregard this stroller as too short.

But the Bob Revolution Flex has adjustable handlebars. These bars are incredible. First of all they can adjust up to an incredible 48 inches in height. Making them one of the tallest jogging strollers available to buy. But they not only adjust in height, they also swivel up and down.

So regardless of how you like to have you hands positioned when running, this stroller can suit all. The bars swivel forwards or backwards in 9 different positions to give you the perfect handlebar grip. Because of this swivel action and height adjustable handles, parents both short and tall can use this pram.

Superior All terrain Jogging Stroller

While you can comfortably run with the Bob Revolution Flex on hard flat surfaces, what makes this stroller so good is that it can easily adapt to all terrains. The suspension is brilliant and makes pushing this stroller while jogging a pleasure rather than a nuisance. It’s a similar design to what mountain bike suspensions have, so you know it will handle most surfaces quite well.

The wheels also contribute to this stroller being the best off road jogging stroller there is. They are air filled so they have some give and take. The wheels are made from a high impact Polymer which is made up up strong materials bonded together for added strength.

The front wheel is also good for going over rough and uneven terrain. With some stroller the wheel will wobble until it becomes unsafe to push anymore. Often referred to as the death wobble which is prevalent on cheaper strollers. With the Bob Revolution Flex you can quickly and easily lock the front wheel into position so that it doesn’t wobbly and cause you to flip the stroller. A safety mechanism while also very useful for running a straight line on flat surfaces.

Overall I think the Bob Revolution is the best jogging stroller for tall parents. It’s tough, strong and has the height a tall person needs. While I haven’t gone over all the features of this stroller, you can easily do so over on amazon. But in terms of quality, trust and safety I would put my faith in the Bob Revolution Flex over the other strollers on this page.

BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller


Difference Between Jogging, Umbrella & Regular Strollers

When I first became a parent I was clueless as to the variety of strollers available. I had no idea what was what and which was for what purpose. While the term jogging gives away the purpose of these strollers, what exactly differentiates them from a regular stroller for example. To clear this up, below you can find a easy explanation of the three.

Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers also referred to as all terrain strollers are the most heavy duty of the lot. This means they are also the heavier of the strollers. They have more durable frames and bigger wheels with much emphasis on the suspension. Hence the heavier weight. Jogging strollers will often have 3 wheels compared to 4 and have higher handlebars for easier grip when running.

The Regular StrollerTypes Of Strollers

This is the type of stroller you will see at the shopping center loaded up with shopping bags. These are strollers designed primarily for maneuverability and boast a lot of storage space. Regular strollers have 4 wheels so that they can maneuver better in and around shopping aisles.

While regular strollers can come as all terrain models, they are primarily designed for hard flat surfaces. Great for long walks on the foot path or as mentioned above in and around the shopping center. Typical stroller for newborns up to children 2 to 3 years old.

Umbrella Stroller

The umbrella stroller is typically the lightest and easiest stroller to pack down. These are your go to strollers for popping in and out of places. Umbrella strollers come in tall person sizes as well. They are referred to as umbrella strollers because they fold down like an umbrella to a tight and compact size. They will often have handles on them similar to an umbrella as well.

These strollers also come in basic versions and more pimped out models. For toddlers a basic version is the best option as they are old enough to support themselves and no longer need the ability to lay down flat like a newborn does. For the most part, parents can get away with a regular stroller until the child turns 2-4. From this point a umbrella stroller is better suited due to the lightweight, compact design and how easy it is to fold down,

The jogging stroller is an optional stroller that parents use to maintain exercise after having children. So regardless of your height, there is a stroller out there for you.

Tips For Jogging With A Stroller

The below video showcases some useful tips for first time parents wanting to jog with their child in a stroller.


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