Inversion Tables For Tall People [Up To 7 Foot!]

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Inversion Tables For Tall People

Tall people all over the globe are turning to inversion tables for relieving the dreaded back pain associated with extra height and to stretch the spine. It’s not uncommon to come across a taller person that suffers from back pain, it’s one of the major disadvantages to being taller than average. Which is why choosing inversion tables for tall people is a must.

These therapeutic devices have grown in popularity over the last few years but many taller folks have found that it’s not one size fits all when it comes to inversion tables. If you are too tall for the machine, then chances are you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits these amazing tools can offer.

Compare By Recommended Heights

Features Height Price
Face up & down positions, 5 Preset positions, Simple to use, 600 lbs capacity 4'10-6'11" Check Price Amazon
400 Lbs capacity, Memory foam backrest, Adjustable headrest, 3 Inversion positions 5'1"-7' Check Price Amazon
250 Lbs capacity, folds away for storage, Easy adjusting system with ankle bracelets Max height 6'8" Check Price Amazon
Extra long stretch handles, Premium model, 300 Lbs capacity, 3 positions 4'8"-6'6" Check Price Amazon
Heavy duty model with 300 lbs capacity, large headrest, 3 Position inversion 4'10"-6'6" Check Price Amazon
Inversion chair suitable for people with mobility issues, Easy to use with safety belt Estimated 6'8" Check Price Amazon


Benefits Of Using An Inversion Table

The benefits of using a inversion table are phenomenal. If you’re a first time user it’s important to stay within your means. By this I mean you won’t go straight for the 90° position where you are completely upside down on your first attempt. It’s a good idea to start low at a 25° to 30° position.

Most people will find they won’t need to go into the full upside down position, even after much use. For many the 60° position is all it takes to get the desired relief. With that in mind, lets have a quick look at the benefits of using a inversion table as a tall person.

  • When you use an inversion table on a regular basis, you can greatly reduce the need for back surgery. ”
    Intermittent traction with an inversion device resulted in a significant reduction in the need for surgery” –
  • Relieves Herniated Disc Pain: Using a inversion table can decompress the vertebrae which can force the herniated disc back into position. When this occurs, pressure is released on the pinched nerves that are causing the pain.
  • Relieves Sciatic Nerve Pain: As with herniated disc, using an inversion table can relax the muscles that surround the spinal canal. When they are relaxed they can become full of oxygen and nutrients once again.
  • Can relieve osteoarthritis pain buy using on a regular basis.

Inversion Table For Persons Over 6’8″

Inversion Table For Persons Over 6'8"

When you’re very tall, the options to buy an inversion table to suit your height are pretty scarce. So much so that I’ve only ever been able to find one model suitable for people taller than 6’8″. That is the Pro Max by Health Mark. With a maximum user height of 6’11”, even the very tall people can take advantage of this wonderful machine.

Do note that on the amazon page, it says 6’6″, but don’t let this deter you. You can see in the questions and answers section that the seller has stated a couple times that the maximum user height is 6’11”. The Health Mark Inc website also has 6’11” as the max user height also.

The Pro Max is not just good for the tall people either, its the go to machine for heavy people also. Whether you’re a short heavy person or big and tall, with a huge 600 pound weight capacity, the Pro Mark is the ideal fit. In terms of the shortest person using this table, Health Marks recommends a minimum height of 4’10.

The large range of heights possible on the Pro Max is made achievable because there are 25 height adjustments that can be set. This opens up a range of possibilities for the tall people over 6 foot.

Pro Max By Health Mark 6'11" Max User Height


Best Inversion Table For Big And Tall People

Inversion Table For Big And Tall People

One of the tallest inversion table I have come across is the Big and Tall by Health Gear. The ITM 7.5 model. It has a 400 pound weight capacity and has an adjustable height range of 5’1″ to 7′. So tall people up to 7 foot can use this inversion table.

With the ITM 7.5 you get the addition of heat and massage. With this model you can actually adjust where you want the massage to take place and you can even remove it completely to use on your office chair, recliner etc. The heat and massage pillow is controlled by a hand held remote. Which makes it simple to change settings while on the table.

The Health Gear ITM 7.5 is a good choice for first time users. But only if you are tall enough to use the table as it can be tricky to get in and out if you are on the shorter side. Which is why it has a tall 7 foot maximum height.

But the table has 3 positions which are great for beginners. 20, 40 and 60° positions allow you to relieve and stretch the spine without being in the 90° position.

The ITM 7.5 is extremely well padded and built strong. It’s a very heavy duty inversion table. So do keep this in mind if you are a thinner tall person. The back rest alone is 4 inches thick of memory foam which contours to your back and shoulders.

The ankle support uses a anti calf pinch system of a very dense and thick memory foam. Plus there is an extended arm so that locking and locking is much easier on the user. Overall the Health Gear is a great inversion table for tall people, especially the heavy people due to it’s oversized materials used and the 400 pound weight capacity. Being suitable for 7 foot tall users makes it one of the leading inversion table if you are very tall.

Health Gear ITM7.5 Big & Tall Heat & Massage Inversion Table


Inversion Table For People Up To 6’8″

Inversion Table For People Up To 6'8"

Another of the extra tall inversion tables belongs to Body Champ. The IT8070 model is a fairly popular inversion table. The Body Champ can cater to tall people up to 6’8″. With a 250 lbs weight capacity and slimmer design, this model is more suitable for the thinner to average sized tall people.

The IT8070 is one of the easier to adjust inversion tables. Once you have locked your ankles in with the foam ankle supports you just need to raise your arms over your head. From there gravity takes over and you will invert until your just up completely upside down.

While the Body Champ can make you fully inverted, its recommended you ease into the process. Start on less intimidating angles and work your way to the full invert. To adjust the angle you just need to adjust the strap and steel rods so that you don’t go fully upside down.

One of the best things about this inversion table is that you can fully adjust it to your needs. Provided you are under 6’8″ tall. Which makes it a good device for multiple members of the family to use. However, if you are sharing the table, always remember to check the strap and steel rods are in place if you don’t want to go fully inverted. If the person before you has changed your settings, you won’t expect to invert back so much.

While it is a fairly smooth inversion process, if you are not prepared for it it can be quite daunting. Overall I find the Body Champ IT8070 inversion table to be great value for money. It will suit most tall people and can potentially save you money in the long run.

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table


Premium Inversion Table For Tall Persons

Premium Inversion Table For Tall Persons

Teeter are one of the leading brands when it comes to premium inversion tables, the EP 960 is one of the best for taller people. This model is suitable for people up to 6 foot and 6 inches tall and boasts a 300 pound weight capacity.

If safety is your number one concern, then the Teeter 960 is a very good option. When you compare this inversion table to a cheaper brand, you instant can feel how stable and reliable this inversion table is. You don’t get that feeling of, am I going to fall on my head with this table.

Assembly is very easy, takes about 15 minutes, and it is extremely easy to use. What I like about this unit is that you can set it up, say in the bedroom or spare room, secure your ankles and invert back. After a few minutes you are done. No further assembly or messing around with adjustments.

What The Teeter EP 960 Offers

  • Folds up for storage or can be taken apart very easy.
  • Longer ankle lock to make locking into position easier.
  • Safety certified from a separate 3rd party.
  • Safety features such as hinge auto locks, cam locks and has pivot bearing feature to ensure durability.
  • Ankle support is very comfortable with the patented wrap around ankle system.
  • Longer arm handles to grab onto for maximum stretching of the back muscles and spine.
  • There are nodes for acupuncture and trigger point therapy
  • Lumbar support with nodes attached.
  • Non skid feet for using on hard floor surfaces.
  • Simple rotation system where you move your arm to adjust the inversion and return to standing position.

Overall it’s a high quality inversion table made form strong and reliable materials. There are many premium features and safety features that make this one of the best in the business. While some may consider the Teeter 960a tad expensive, the peace of mind knowing your supported is priceless. Check exact price on amazon here.

As a tall person, an inversion table needs to be able to support the extra body length and weight. I find the Teeter to be the best option there is when it comes to an adjustable and easy to use inversion table. The safety features and the strong build are what make this a clear winner. The acupuncture nodes and lumbar support are the icing on the cake.

Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table


Heavy Duty Yoleo Inversion Table

Heavy Duty Yoleo Inversion Table

High quality, and comfort are what makes this Yoleo heavy duty inversion table stand out from the pack. Comfort may not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of inversion tables, but it does make a difference to overall user comfort when you’re doing it 5 minutes at a time.

A big part of the comfort is because of the memory foam on the backrest. This addition of memory foam really makes it a comfortable table due to being made of a high quality contouring foam. Which is what separates the Yoleo from some of the other models.

It’s got a fairly good maximum weight capacity of 300lbs, which will be okay for a lot of people. This is in big part thanks to it’s steel frame. But the limit can be a problem for some, so I’d recommend looking into the big and heavy models I reviewed already.

One of the important things to consider with inversion tables is how well does the ankle lock work. The last thing you want is to be inverted and the locks give out. With this table this is something you don’t have to worry about. As long as the height is adjusted properly there shouldn’t be any slipping.

The locking pin is very sturdy, and makes this a safer table to use. It also allows you to set to the angle you want to go to beforehand. This is really useful for people who have a tendency to push themselves too hard, which can sometimes cause more harm then good.

There is one feature that I like about this table, is how you can fold it away to save space. This is a small thing but something I really like. It is bulky when set up, but that’s to be expected and shouldn’t put you off this incredible table.

Height can be an issue for some, and if you’re tall this chair will most likely not for you. If you’re 6 foot you will be fine, but if you’re getting to the 6’6 range. You will have some issues, with the neck pads being in the way. Some people recommend removing them, but personally I don’t recommend this.

Yoleo 300 Lb 6'6" Max User Height


Best Inversion Chair For A Tall Person

Best Inversion Chair For A Tall Person

Being a tall person has some difficulties that average height people won’t truly understand. The back pain you get with being tall is a problem many of us face daily. Fortunately, there’s an inversion chair by Stamina that you can sit in rather than stand to help with this issue.

The padded arch on the back part of the chair, fits really well if your taller. With some people reported being close to 6’8 tall comfortably using it. This does make it hard to recommend if you’re roughly 5’4, since the arch lines up to you upper back instead. So it’s designed for tall people from my perspective.

This chair isn’t designed to be fully inverted, which is a good thing in my opinion. It will help some people from going to far, and doing possible damage to themselves. This shouldn’t put you off this inversion chair. They generally aren’t designed to go fully inverted.

It’s very easy to use, and also extremely safe to operate. Which does make it good if you’re a senior, since safety is a top priority when going inverted. Having a mobility condition can be a problem with regular standing inversion tables, which can be mostly eliminated by using a chair like this, which is a big plus to a lot of people.

While it’s a very sturdy, and reliable chair. It doesn’t take up as much room as you’d expect. This does make a difference if you don’t have a lot of room but really need a inversion chair to relieve discomfort.

Being a chair has a few advantages that you may not think of. Which is that you have easier movement for your chest area, so you can stretch out the back muscles more. This really helps when you’re taller, since you really need to stretch out your back muscles.

One thing to note that does take a notch off this chair is the assembly of the chair. It can be a pain in the backside. But the thing that makes it really difficult is the instructions,parts not labelled, including the screws. This just makes it frustrating to put together, but it’s well worth investing the time to do it!

Stamina Inline Inversion Chair


Inversion chairs Vs Tables Whats The Difference

Inversion therapy has been around for quite awhile, and the main two tools that people use are, inversion tables, and inversion chairs. They are very similar but slightly different, and target different people.

So the biggest difference between the two is really simple, it’s in the name. Ones a chair, and ones a table, one you sit in, and the other you lay down on.

Inversion chairs are a very simple but effective concept. Which is a chair the you sit, and strap yourself into. Then slowly you start to invert, and since you’re strapped in via your waist. Those of you with a lack of mobility, will find it easier to use.

With the way you’re strapped into a chair has some appealing attributes to certain people. As I mentioned above, people with a lack of mobility are good candidates. Then for those who have ankle issues, and the elderly.

Since you’re sitting and not hanging as much as you would with a table. Allows you to move your torso around, which is great for stretching your back muscles even more. This also allows you to work on your core muscles as well.

Both of these types of equipment are great for who they’re designed for. One isn’t necessarily better then the other, since what works for someone else, might not work for you. So this is something you need consider before purchasing. As with all things health related and especially dealing with spinal issues. You should consult your doctor first.

How Long And Often Should You Use An Inversion Table

There is no real guide to how long and how often you should be using an inversion table. A big part of it will come down to how well you know your body, and how well you listen to it. These are the important factors in my book, since there is no standard for every body.

Since there is yes this amount of time is best answer. The best way to do it is to make sure you do it consistently, and start with only roughly 1 to 2 minute sessions.  Once you start doing it more often you will be able to push it a bit further, and go 3 to 5 minutes.

After this is where you should start listening to your body, to know when it’s relaxed the muscles enough.

In terms of how often should you use it? It should be a daily routine, and used roughly twice daily. Once in the morning, and once at night. It’s a great way to wake up, and a great way to unwind from a hard day.

It’s a great tool that really helps with giving relief from back pain. Not only this but it does help making sleeping easier, since it relaxes your muscles.


How Long Does It Take For An Inversion Table To Work?

As with almost everything that is related to help with health issues. Repetitiveness is the thing that really helps with improving yourself, it’s also the hardest thing to do. So there is no real proper answer to how long does it take an inversion table to work. There are a few tips on helping tho.

As I said above, the key to an inversion table working. Is making sure you do it consistently, and daily. So doing it it 2 or 3 times a day constantly is the key thing, to helping reaching your back pain relief, and possible height goals.

The next thing that determines how long for your inversion table to work. Is the duration you stay inverted for is. It’s advisable in the beginning to keep it short, and work your way up to doing it for 5 minutes.

When you get more experienced with using the table, and are bit more use to it. You can go for longer period of times, but you will need to be careful. You’ll need to try to avoid hurting your muscles, so you should listen to your body.

In terms of helping with back pain, people have reported it feels better, shortly after inverting. Tho it does come down to individuals own level of pain, and fitness.

How An Inversion Table Can Make You Taller

While it’s not confirmed in any study, there is a lot of medical studies on inversion therapy. That does show that using a inverting table, can help increase your height. Even if it’s only a fraction of an inch, it’s still possible to increase your height using one.

A big part of this is due to the fact that humans do progressively get shorter as we age, and slowly every day. This is mostly due to the way gravity works, which compresses our spine, albeit at a slow rate over the course of a day. If you sleep in a horizontal position, it will help regain that height a bit.

With the help of inversion tables you’re able to help get this height back much more easily. This does make them an invaluable tool in helping, with your spine, and improving your joints health.

This is due to the way an inversion table helps stretch the muscles, in the space between your vertebrae. This helps stimulate and stretch the muscles, which will promote an increase in height.

A lot of people don’t know that ligaments have a say in how tall you can be. If your ligaments are weak or stiff, you have a higher chance of a misalignment, or even worse your bones breaking. An inversion table will help strengthen your ligaments, which will help with increasing your height.

So as a tall person that values their height, there are certainly benefits to using an inversion table. Even if it is to just counter act the natural process of potentially loosing height as you age.




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