Outdoor Furniture For Tall People

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Outdoor Furniture For Tall People

The outdoor furniture for tall people listed below ranges from tall patio table sets to wicker chairs to rocking chairs. If extra height and seat depth is what you need, be sure to check out these options.

As we all know, being tall comes with some major drawbacks. While being able to reach things up higher comes in handy on a daily basis, the seating disadvantage we face makes it simply not worth it.

Until manufacturers start paying more attention to the height gifted, we have to do what we can with what we got. Which in some cases is pretty slim pickings.

But to get you going in the right direction, the products listed below have been hand picked with the tall person in mind. Extra seat height, seat depth and at times backrest height were all taken into high consideration. So take a seat and start clicking until you find what you need. For indoor furniture, visit this link.


Patio Furniture For Tall People

Deep Seating Wicker SetsDeep Seating Wicker Sets

Unless you take advantage of the shear length of outdoor wicker sets for laying down on, they can be very uncomfortable for the tall person to sit on. This is because they sit very low to the ground which makes it very awkward for people with longer legs to sit without their knees in the chins or legs so outstretched you may as well be laying down.

Wicker sets also have very low backs, so getting any sort of decent back support is near impossible. But in saying that, these types of chairs have such low backs that even average height people don’t get much support.

So what us taller folks have to look for when buying a wicker furniture set is seat depth. This is the measurement from your tail bone to behind your knees basically. If the seats depth is too short your legs are going to be popping out and left unsupported. Shorter people have the opposite problem and find the seats too deep and cant reach the ground with their feet.

Below you can find 4 wicker sets with deeper seating to cater to taller people with longer legs. While they all sit relatively low to the ground, as expected, they do have slightly higher backs than normal.

Deep Seating Wicker Chairs


Tall Patio Table Sets

The most common piece of outdoor furniture is of course the patio table sets. Having a chilled lunch or a candlelight dinner out on the patio is the best way to enjoy the fresh outdoors air. But as any tall person knows, these patio table and chair sets are often too short to be comfortable in.

Most table sets have a table with a height of just 29 inches, which is fine for anyone under 6 foot tall. But for taller people the issues of knees not fitting under the table and the hunching of backs just to reach down and grab your knife and fork becomes a real issue.

In order to correct this you need to buy tall patio tables, but with this comes the need for a taller chair(depending on height of the table). The easy fix for this situation is of course counter height or bar height sets.

Again a deep seat comes into play as well. Without a deep seat of at least 19 inches, your knees are going to bang into the foundation of the table and you will have to sit too far from the table. So with these thoughts in mind, below you can find a few of the tall patio table sets suitable for taller persons.

Extra Tall Patio Table & Chair Set

Extra Tall Patio Tables

Pebble Lane Living have this 5 or 7 piece outdoor set which is an incredible buy for taller people. I say this because the measurements all measure up.

For starters the table sits  a nice 40 inches high. That is 11 inches taller than regular height. So plenty of space for the thighs and knees to slide under here. When it comes to the chair, the seat sits about 30 inches tall allowing you 10 inches of leg thickness to fit under the table.

The seat is also 24 inches deep which gives the longer legs plenty of space to comfortably sit with your backside against the backrest and your knees tucked in closely to the front edge of the seat.

The backrest has a nice contour to it to align your spine correctly and what I like is how the top of the backrest dips away. So you can tilt your head back and rest your neck instead of having to look straight ahead.

While each chair is meant to have a 375 pound weight capacity, I would probably not risk it if you’re above 300-320 pounds. I just feel it would put too much pressure on this chair due to the design of the seat bracket. But overall, this is a great tall persons patio dining set available in either 5 piece or 7 piece. Chairs are also available separately if you need additional seating.

Pebble Lane Living 5-7 Piece Steel Patio Dining Set


Tall 3 Piece Patio Table Set

Tall 3 Piece Patio Table Set

A beautiful set for the tall couple having a romantic time on the porch. This 3 piece number is by Lokatse Home. The table has a good height of 36.2″ while the seat of the chairs measure 27 inches with the included cushion, or 23.5″ without the cushion.

The seat also has a decent depth of 26 inches giving room for tall people to comfortably sit on the chair and under the table without hitting the bottom of the table.

I quite like the design of this table and the extra storage shelf down below. Its not just a plain aluminum shelf either, its like a large mesh design which makes it more eye appealing. Also it it rains, water won’t built up in it saving it from rust. Great spot to keep a bottle of wine.

The table itself is a square design with a clear dark tempered glass top with a dark grey contoured trim. I like how the legs kick out a little to give the table better stability and balance. Especially important when having a wine glass sitting on top.

LOKATSE HOME 3 Piece Bistro Set Outdoor Bar Height Swivel


Cast Aluminum High Outdoors Dining Set

Cast Aluminum High Outdoors Dining Set

One of the most sturdiest types of dining sets you can buy, cast aluminum, and at a great height for tall guests. Do note there is an error on the description page saying the table is 26.5″ tall where it should read 36 inches tall as its a counter height table.

The whole set is a basket weave design which looks simply amazing. The solid cast aluminum has been finished in a powder coat to give it greater protection against weather. The perfect outdoors dining set you can not stress about if it starts to rain.

The complete set is finished in a antique bronze tone to really make this set stand out. The cushions are removable so it you don’t think they will match your decor you can swap them out. There are 6 cushions and 4 swivel bar stools in the set. 2 Extra cushions to use as spares.

Darlee 5 Piece Ocean View Cast Aluminum Counter Height Set


Lawn Chairs For Tall PeopleLawn Chairs For Tall People

A lawn chair is basically a folding chair you can take with you for use outdoors. They come in a few shapes and sizes with different styles. An essential piece of outdoor furniture for the tall person on the go.

The most common types of lawn chairs are either camping chairs or zero gravity chairs. Both are portable and can be very comfortable for the tall person. To learn a bit more about them and get straight to the tall persons options, visit the appropriate links below.

Extra Tall Camping Chairs

Extra Long Zero Gravity Chairs


Extra Tall Directors Chair

Extra Tall Directors Chairs

Another option when choosing a lawn chair for a tall person is the classic directors chair. I quite like using a directors chair for outdoors events whether it’s a camping trip, family gathering or eve for tailgating parties. They are light, foldable and often include a side table for ones drink.

This cool piece by Trademark Innovations has a total height of 45 inches while the seat is a very tall 32 inches from the ground. If you’re well over 6 foot, this is the lawn chair for you. The seat is also 24 inches deep allowing for extra leg room making it quite the comfortable chair to use.

The only thing I don’t really like about this as a lawn chair is the build. It’s not the most heavy duty chair I’ve come across and this is reflected by the 265 pound capacity. But its all the joins that make me nervous sitting on this chair, being a rather large person myself.

But if you are really tall, that is your best option. But I’d prefer a more stable option like the 26″ seat by KingCamp found on amazon here. It has a higher weight capacity also if you’re big and tall.

45" Tall Metal Director's Chair


Outdoor Chairs For Taller PersonsOutdoor Chairs For Tall Persons

The last items on this list of outdoors furniture for tall people covers a few areas of seating options. As I have mentioned quite a few already above (Lawn chairs, dining chairs, camp chairs etc), the last couple of option include rocking chairs for the patio and general patio chairs.

Porch Rockers

A standalone rocking chair is a piece of furniture that is well worth its weight in gold. When relaxation is on the menu, look no further then a nice peaceful rock out on the patio while breathing in fresh air.

These rocking chairs found here are for both the indoors and outdoors. However they are all suited to a taller person due to their measurements. A rocking chair built for someone under 6 foot is simply not going to be relaxing. So don’t risk it.

Patio Chairs

Patio chairs are a hard piece of outdoors furniture to find when you’re taller than average. This is because of all the certain requirement our longer torsos require, seat depth, height, backrest etc etc.

While I have already covered a number of options above, you can find more patio chairs here which are better suited to us taller folks.

Need More Outdoor Furniture For People Over 6Ft?

There is so much furniture out there its impossible to try and cover it all on this one list. If there is a particular type of outdoor furniture not mentioned on this list that you need, please feel free to drop a comment below. With the help of others and my research we may be able to come up with the best list of tall person approved furniture ever.


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