Best Baby Walkers For Tall Babies & Toddlers

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Best Baby Walkers For Tall BabiesWhen my daughter outgrew her walker at a very young age, I just thought she was a fast developer. But as it turns out, shes determined to be tall. Chances are, you’re in the same position. In search of the best walkers for tall babies or toddlers.

It’s hard to know at a young age whether your child is going to be tall or how tall exactly. But one things for sure, if your child can’t safely fit in a walker or you find that the walker is too low to the ground, you’ve probably got a supermodel on your hands. (Because all supermodels are tall right?)

Some children use walkers as toddlers, while some have simply outgrown them by the time they turn 8 months old. So choosing a height suitable walker for you baby can be difficult. Especially as you don’t know how tall they are going to grow before they can walk on their own.

The Walkers To Avoid With Tall Children

Chances are you have found this page because have already been down to your local baby store and discovered the walkers on display are too low to the ground for your little one. So naturally, you’ll want to avoid them.

The first kind of walker you should avoid is a set height model. These walkers have just the one height and are not very practical for the growing bub, especially if he/she is quite long for their age.

Avoid some adjustable height walkers simply because the highest setting on them can be in fact lower than the one height walkers. Most walkers are height adjustable, so how is a frustrated parent meant to determine a height relevant walker for their child?


Average Baby Length Up To 24 Mths


How Tall Is Your Baby?

Finding the right height walker for a baby is similar to choosing a walker for a tall adult. Except for a baby, its all about the inseam rather than the wrist height.

So your baby may in fact be tall depending on their age, but still find themselves a little short on some of the 33″-35″ inch walkers. Which again is why you need a height adjustable model if you want to really maximize the use you get out of a walker.

So when measuring your baby, the most important measurement for mine is their inseam. This is the distance between the groin and the bottom of their feet. This measurement will tell you whether the walker is suitable for your baby or not.

For example, if your bubs has an inseam measurement of 8 inches, a walker with a distance from floor to seat of 6 inches, is going to be too low for your baby. The hips, knees and legs are not going to be in the ideal position. The knees will be bent and will offer little assistance when learning to walk in the walker.

Tallest Walker With 8 Wheels

tallest baby walker
Trying to find the tallest baby walker is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Many brands specify that they in fact have 3 height adjustments, but trying to find out specific measurements can seem impossible.

However, from my research I managed to come across a 8 wheel walker suitable for babies around 34 inches in height. This is because on the highest setting the seat height goes up to 12.3 inches.

Which compared to other walkers on this list, is 2 to 3 inches taller. In total, there are 4 height adjustment settings. Which I think is brilliant if you have a taller baby. Gives your bub more time in the walker before they outgrow it.

The only negative to this walker, is that the manual is in Chinese and it will take longer to get delivered to your house. While available on amazon, it still may take a while. If your child is not in a walker yet and you’re just preparing, now may be a good time to place an order.

Update: Seller has listened to the demands, and now stocks the walkers in the US warehouse for faster delivery.

Toddler Walker for Babies 6-18 Months Up To 35" Tall


Safety 1st Has Walkers For Tall Babies

Baby Walkers For Babies Over 32 Inches Tall
Measurements can be deceiving, as one babies measurements may be different to another, even tho they are the same height. Its all about the inseam or distance from floor to the seat when looking for a walker for a taller baby.

Safety 1st have an option for both the boys and girls with seat heights up to 10.5″. For the boys, its the Dino Discovery Sounds And Lights found on amazon here. (Pictured to the right) For the babies in pink, how can they resist the Disney model known as the Ready Set Walk 2.0 walker also found on amazon here. The Ready Set Walk series also has options for the boys as well.

The Dino Discovery

As you may have guessed, the Dino walker is a cute dinosaur themed walker. In total it has 5 wacky dinosaurs to stimulate your bubs mind via sounds and lights. But don’t worry, they’re no scary dinosaurs.

Whats nice about the tray on the Dino walker is that it can be used as a activity are as well as a food tray. The dinosaurs will sense its food time and wonder off back into the jungle. Not really, but you can swing the 2 side activity trays to each side and reveal a relatively large tray for feeding bubs.

Whats even better is that the seat cover is machine washable. So when the mess does come, yes it will come, you can easily clean the cover without messing around by wiping it clean by hand.

Because this walker has a higher seat than most, it makes sense for the tall babies to give the Dino a chance. When you read the reviews on this walker, it quite clear this is not for shorter babies. Many parents state that this is for long legged babies and to stay away if your babies not tall.

Dino Discovery 10.5" Tall Seat By Safety 1st


Disney Ready Set Walk 2.0

Disney Ready Set Walk For Tall GirlsWhile some girls may like the dinosaurs, chances are its Disney all the way. The Ready Set Walk also by Safety 1st, utilizes this popular theme and presents a beautiful walker for taller girls. With the seat height going up to 10.5 inches, most tall baby girls will find the height very suitable.

Initially I was a little put off by the Disney toys on the food tray, thinking they were a permanent fixture. Imagine trying to feed an 11 month old with a spinning ball and Minnie Mouse in the way. But it turns out, these toys are fixed to the white front part of the tray, however the white part of tray can be removed for easy cleaning and feeding.

These lovely little Disney characters come with 12 tunes and a flashing light for when its time to boggie. Just like the Dino Discovery walker by Safety 1st, the Ready Set Walk 2.0 walker has a removable machine washable cover.

The only negative thing I can say about this walker is that not all 4 wheels swivel. The back 2 wheels are fixed to aid in maintaining a straight line while the front wheels swivel for tuning. I get why they have done this, but I just prefer the 4 swivel wheels as helps bubs to navigate in all directions.

However, this is just a small gripe really. When you consider the height of the walker and it being a practical solution for taller babies, its worth it in my opinion.

Disney Themed Tall Walker By Safety 1st


Tall Walker For Toddlers Up To 33 Inches

Tall Walker For Toddlers
Another tall baby walker is by Chicco, named the Walky Talky available in either Flora or Spring themes. The height adjustable features of the Walky Talky allow babies or toddlers up to 33 inches tall safely use this walker.

There are a couple of features about this walker to admire. First and foremost is the inclusion of rear brakes. If you have stairs or anywhere baby could take a tumble, brakes are a must. The brakes and wheels on this walker work quite well and rather smoothly.

This does of course mean the back wheels are not swiveling wheels. So it may not be the ideal thick carpet walker, but certainly a safer option if you have stairs.

The other unique idea the Walky Talky has that the others don’t have is a interactive activity tray. This tray can be removed, which I recommend until your baby gets a bit older and stronger.

I say this because the buttons that you need to push are a little stiff. So a 6 month won’t be able to easily press the buttons to make the sounds, which by the way can be played in multiple languages. However, once they get a bit older, they can play with the activity pad on the walker and even on the floor as its completely removable.

The bumpers on the base of the walker are great for protecting the walls and furniture from dings. I have also read that they can be removed if you find them annoying. But I personally would leave them on because if baby comes racing over to you and you’re not wearing shoes, say goodbye to the skin on the top of your toes.

Lastly, I found this walker to be more of an middle upright position compared to many of the seats that position your baby in the seated position. This helps bubs get on their toes easier than from in a seated position. But as this walker is larger than most and suitable for taller babies, this may not even be an issue.

Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker >33"


Best Walker For Longer Babies

Best Walker For Longer BabiesWhen looking for a walker for a younger baby and you’re not quite sure as to whether he/she will be tall, its important to measure their inseam. It will help you decide on the right walker for your baby.

Which is why I have included the Joovy Spoon walker into this list. Because this walker specifies the inseam measurement required to use this walker. There’s no guessing required.

Before you breathe a sigh of relief, be sure that your babies inseam measurement is between 6.5″ and 8.5″. Go get a tape measure out of the drawer and start measuring.

Joovy Spoon also states that this walker is suitable for youngsters up to 33 inches tall, weighing no more than 30 pounds. However, I find the inseam measurement more critical than the 33.5″ max height.

This is because your bubs backside needs to be supported by the seat in order to be effective. For example, your bub could be 33 inches tall, but have longer legs, say 9.5″ inseam. This would create a little discomfort and make the challenge of walking harder.

Height Adjustable Walker

The Joovy Spoon is also a 3 height adjustable walker. So if you find your child is taller than other babies, its ideal to get them on this walker as soon as possible. This will give them maximum time to use the walker as they grow taller over time.

By the way, there are other features of the Joovy Spoon walker besides being suitable for taller babies. Its the kind of walker i wish I had around when my youngest was born.

It has a oversized base so that during your babies wild adventures around the house, should they bump into a wall, their little fingers won’t get squished between wall and the tray. The top tray is smaller than the base for this reason.

Toe Saver!

The base frame sits on decent size wheels to plow over carpet and rugs, but what I find impressive is how low to the ground the U shape frame sits. This is highly beneficial to us parents.

Why? well, you won’t be getting your big toe run over by the bottom of the frame like you would on other walkers where the frame sits about 2 inches off the ground. Ouch!.

Plus if you can train you baby to herd up all the toys on the floor. No really, you can with the bulldozer like frame that sits low to the ground.

Jokes aside, Joovy Spoon have produces in my opinion the best walker to tall babies and because the height is taller than most, its suitable for toddlers too. Its a quality walker built on a strong and durable steel frame you can feel confident in.

Joovy Spoon Walker


Is Your Baby Ready For A Walker?

Whether you choose to go down the route of a walking aid for you child or not, is completely up to you. There has been some speculation over the benefits and affects a baby walker can pose. So due diligence is required if you’re concerned.

I for one, had no problems raising my 3 children with baby walkers but this is not to say it is right for you.

If you’re fine with the idea of a baby walker, you may actually be undecided as to when is the right time to put your child in one. Much like deciding whether to make your crib tall baby safe or go straight into a toddler bed, its a matter of personal choice. Of course this varies from child to child, so there is certainly no set age.

The signs that let you know that your baby has developed enough to begin life in the walker can include:

  1. Baby shows signs of control over their movement through the act of crawling. Being able to control their legs is critical to being able to move the walker.
  2. When baby can sit up without assistance and support their body, this is a good sign also. If bubs can’t do this yet, they may be not be ready for supporting themselves in a walker just yet.
  3. Pulling themselves up with the assistance of chairs, sofas and furniture is a popular time for parents to bring out the walker. Baby has developed enough to show the signs and as a safety barrier, parents can use a walker to prevent injuries from falls and bumping their heads on furniture.

Prepare The House For Baby Walker Action

So you’ve seen the signs that your bubs is ready for an upgrade (Walker) and you’ve picked out a height suitable baby walker to match their tall body, next its the parents turn to help out as much as possible.

Parents need to make sure the house is as baby friendly as possible. Chances are you’re already all over this. But here’s a few pointers just in case.

  1. Always ensure there are baby safety gates blocking all access to stairs and anywhere baby could take a tumble in the walker. As a baby myself I ended up falling down the stairs due to my parents not having baby gates. I get reminded of this every time I frown because the scar is still visible.
  2. Unless you’re baby walker has got heavy duty 4×4 caster wheels attached to the base, toys, rugs and mats are going to become a potential hazard for your little one. So remove these items to the best of your abilities to ensure a smooth rolling sensation for baby.
  3. Because your baby is a little taller, you will need to pay attention to potential head injuries that could occur while sightseeing around the house. Cover or remove any sharp objects that could pose a potential threat to your babies head on their travels.

Whether Your Baby Is Tall Or Not

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether or not your baby is tall, using a baby walker is not rocket science. Play it safe and always pay attention to your little bundle of joy. They are too precious for anything unthinkable to happen.

With one of the height adjustable baby walkers for taller babies and toddlers, your bub will find it more natural learning to walk in one of these compared to a much shorter walker.

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