Best Luggage For Tall People

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Best Luggage For Tall PeopleWhen the standard leg room space is just 31 inches, boarding a flight is hard enough as a tall person without having to deal with aching heels from short handle carry on luggage. As we look at the best luggage for tall people, it’s easy to see how people can end up buying rolling luggage that nips at their heels.

Unless you are buying from a physical store, even then it can be difficult, trying to buy luggage online can be very difficult. This is because while the dimensions are almost always listed, the extension height of the telescopic handle is rarely described.

Which is a huge problem for tall people. Having a handle height of less than 40 inches is fine if you’re 6 feet or less. But people taller than 6 foot are going to end up with sore backs from hunching over to reach the lower handle while also fighting off the luggage from the back of your heels.

Especially if you’re on a mission to get somewhere in a hurry, running with luggage behind you will almost end up in bruised heels and ankles due to the shorter handle height.

Simple Solution For Tall Travelers

Handle Extension

Suitcase Handle Extender
If it’s too late and you already have a rolling carry on luggage with an extending handle less than 40 inches, there is a cheap and easy solution. That is the Armor Extend-A-Handle which can be found on amazon here.

What this thing does is attaches itself to your existing handle via 2 Velcro straps. This gives you an extra 12 inches of pulling behind you reach. As it is a flexible material, its not going to work as well for dragging suitcases beside you in a vertical position.

While its a genius and cheap way to get some extra reach on your carry on luggage, remember it’s only Velcro holding it onto your handle. So don’t Tokyo drift your luggage with this Extend A Handle on, or the Velcro may come loose.

4-Wheel Carry Ons

Another simple solution is to buy one of the 4 wheeled carry on luggage suitcases listed below. Because they are 4 wheel, or more, they can be walked alongside you and instead of behind you. So you get the extra height leverage. At a maximum height of 42.5″ in the vertical position, most people over 6 foot tall can easily roll one of these bags beside them.

Carry On Luggage For Tall People

Now before you go buying just any carry on luggage its extremely important to know what size is the maximum carry on luggage for the airline you are flying with. It’s not standard across the board as each airline has their on sets of dimensions. For example,  LAO Airlines allows a maximum size of 24″ x 12″ x 7″ whereas United Airlines is 22″ x 14″ x 9″.  So do your homework first before buying.

Best Option For The Tall Person

Carry On Luggage For Tall People
Travelpro have an amazing range of carry on luggage and suitcases to suit everyone. For the sophisticated and stylish tall person, Travelpro have the Platinum Elite 22″ expandable carry on luggage. Here’s a breakdown of the size:

  • Normal Size: 21″ x 14″ x 9″
  • Handle Extensions: 36″, 38″ 40″ & 42.5″
  • Weight: 7.7 Lbs

About The Travelpro Platinum Elite

While it only has 2 wheels, I really like this carry on option. The Rollaboard feature prevents the suitcase from tipping when being pulled behind you. With a maximum handle extension height of 42.5″, many people over 6 foot tall will be able to comfortably roll this beauty behind them.

Its got quite the stylish appeal to it, yet it’s not way up there in terms of price. Even with the genuine leather details, I was quite surprised at the total cost. To get today’s price visit the Platinum Elite on amazon here.

The feature I love most is the dedicated power bank pocket and external USB port. I don’t travel anywhere these days without having a back up power source and since the invention of the portable power bank, traveling has never been better. One never knows when their Smart Phone is going to run out of battery in the middle of a foreign town. Having the option to charge your mobile wherever you are from your carry on luggage is just brilliant.

The insides are quite well designed as well. While there is a built in suiter, I personally feel its a tad bit narrow. So the larger people may find that the shoulders of their clothes may need to be folded or manipulated to squeeze in. But overall, the Travelpro Platinum Elite 22″ is certainly a contender for the best 2 wheel carry on luggage for tall people due to its maximum handle height of 42.5″.

Travelpro Platinum Elite 22" Carry On 2 Wheel


4 Dual Wheel Hardside Carry On For Tall Persons

Hardside Carry On For Tall Persons
When you want a carry on luggage that lasts and lasts you naturally think hardside. The Traveler’s Choice Tasmania 21″ Spinner certainly fits the bill. Its a 100% Polycarbonate resin material built to be super tough. Polycarbonate is replacing glass as the common material used in green houses due to its appeal of being shatter proof. So it’s extremely strong and shatter proof, perfect for the rugged traveler.


  • 21″ x 14.5 x 9″ and can expand an extra 2 inches 11″ depth.
  • Self locking telescopic handle up to 42 inches.
  • Weighs just 7 pounds.

More About This Heavy Duty Carry On Luggage

With 4 x dual spinning casters and a maximum handle extension of 42 inches, the Tasmania by Traveler’s Choice is a great asset to the tall person. With these dimensions people over 6 foot tall can walk alongside this 4 wheeled luggage or have the handle extended to the maximum and roll this tank behind them.

For me the biggest appeal to this carry on luggage is it’s heavy duty rating. Being made from Polycarbonate, Traveler’s Choice state that it is the strongest material for hardsided products, and I must say that I agree with them. But they have also reinforced the Tasmania with internal support plates for further strength and resistance under stress and absorbing impact.

Overall the carry on luggage by Traveler’s Choice is quite the find. I like how it includes the 3 digit pin padlock which is TSA recognized as many new travelers forget about locks for there baggage. A nice touch in my opinion.

Traveler’s Choice Tasmania Hardside 21" 4 Wheel


42.5″ Tall Carry On Luggage 8 Wheeled

Tall Carry On Luggage 8 Wheeled
Travelpro have another suitable luggage option for tall people, but this time in the 4 dual magnetic wheeled option. This makes it ideal for tall people that need extra height when walking their luggage alongside them.

A slightly smaller solution by Travelpro, the ‘Luggage Crew’ 21″ also includes the very cool power bank pocket and external USB port. While slightly smaller, the Luggage Crew still offers a tall handle height extension of 42.5″. Measuring 21″ x 14 x 9″ with the ability to expand a further 2 inches.

The material on the Luggage Crew is a nylon material which is designed to be scratch and stain resistant due to the DuraGuard additional coating on the nylon.

While it doesn’t include a laptop sleeve, the 50L expansion gives plenty of room for a Macbook Pro15 inch in the front full length pocket. I would have preferred a dedicated sleeve being that it’s an innovative luggage idea (USB & power bank), but the full length pocket works just as well.

One of the most appealing features of the Luggage Crew is the wheels. They are just perfect. Because of the magnetic construction, dragging this luggage sideways the wheels align perfectly for a straight and gentle rolling action. They don’t buckle, twist and deviate off course. If a good set of wheels is what you were after, then I feel the Travelpro Luggage Crew won’t disappoint. While this bag has been size tested to fit most overhead bin compartments, I highly recommend checking with your airline beforehand.

Travelpro Luggage Crew 21" Carry-on Expandable Spinner


Luggage Options For Taller Persons

The above 3 carry on luggage options are certainly my preferences, but this does not mean its one luggage size suits all. So with that in ind, below you can find 4 more options. All four of these carry on luggages have telescopic handles that reach either 41 inches tall or 42 inches tall.


Tips For The Tall TravelerTips For Tall Travelers On Plane

With your luggage concerns now out of the way, many more obstacles stand in the way of a tall person when traveling. However, with some perseverance and a little bit of forward thinking, you can turn an unpleasant flying experience into something more manageable.

  • By using Seatguru, you may be able to score yourself the best seat in the air. Look for a row of 3 seats behind a row of 2 seats. Book your spot in the 3rd seat which is behind the 2 seat row. This will give you a vacant seat in front of you and plenty of leg room.
  • Find a vacant row of seats behind the bulkhead of the plane. This area has greater leg room compared to standard seats.
  • Take your shoes off!. This will give you an extra inch or 2 to stretch your legs.
  • Take a travel pillow designed for tall people or ask flight attendant for a pillow so you can wedge it between the seat in front of you and your knees. Chances are your knees are in for a rough ride and will need all the cushioning they can get.
  • Choose the aisle seat over the window. This way you can spread your leg closest to the aisle out without hitting the person next to you.

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